Disclaimer: I have a stack of these.

So because I have a stack of these, I always make sure to watch a number of Sideways #1 listings just to keep my thumb on the pulse. I believe in the future if this character. So I’m just here to report that there have been way more sales the past few days than there have been in last couple of months combined (I’m estimating).

Could be something, could be nothing. I haven’t heard anything to indicate this should be heating up.

Anyone know anything?

Rumours of Sideways showing up somewhere in the Future State titles, thus potentially giving more legs for the character.

Cool, I like this character long term but might list one or two if sales stay steady next week.


@dPcomics Thank you! I enjoyed that book as well. Fun comic. Keep us posted if you hear anything more!

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I have a few #1s and #2s. I accidentally bought 2nd prints of some copies too…wonder if those will catch on…

I liked the foil cover too (issue 9) That ones for the pc…unless people really want it!

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I liked that Brimstone guy who debuted about the time Sideways did. Was the name Brimstone? It was like a horror-type comic. Then there was the Damage guy who was kind of like the Hulk. I liked those comics.


Agreed. That whole line (I believe Silencer was another alongside them) was very well done. Good art, good quality, good stories.
I found myself buying them all and even now will grab a few from dollar bins if I see them.
I believe a couple issues of both Sideways and Silencer generated some short term heat.
Brimstone was really cool!


One of my LCS has like half a shortbox of these, I’ll take a look next time I go through there.

I was bummed none really took off. They were all quite good!

Be on the lookout for the comicspro variant, the only one on eBay just sold for 100 bucks!

Covrprice gave this a mention in their weekly summary for last week, so I think that may be having an impact.