Silent Auctions or Giveaways for BINC

Like the Creator4Comics Twitter Auctions, I’d love to do something to help raise money to donate to BINC, that goes towards all the small independent book and comic book retailers out there.

But trying to follow Twitter auctions sounds like a hassle and I want to avoid eBay cause I don’t think they need to get 10% of the fees, that’s just taking away from the charity.

If I were to list books and or items here on the forums or on the CHU main site to do comment based bidding, where all the money goes to BINC, would people be interested?

Or maybe even do a giveaway but it costs a buck to throw your name in the hat to win and all the money thrown in gets donated to BINC.

Open to ideas, suggestions.

I won’t be able to help you with money and all, but I wouldn’t mind throwing in some items for you to sell or do auctions with them.

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both Ideas sound great to me. I would interested in either.

I would be interested as well!