Skybound Halloween Xpo - TWD DLX Ruby Foil

On October 30th there will be a Skybound Halloween Xpo. BigClutch’s Twitter shows employees packaging Mystery Boxes. Towards the end of the video he flashes a TWD Deluxe #1 Ruby Foil. I bought a Mystery Box during the last Xpo and thought it was a great value even if I didn’t get a Ruby Foil. They were $50 last time.


Yeah i missed that during sdcc. Im gonna order a few next round.

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Same here

I’m totally down for more Skybound boxes.

Do you know when they will be going live? I wouldn’t mind ordering one just for the thrill

I can’t find any info on the schedule aside from 10AM-5PM from the facebook event.

Got it. Thank you

Schedule is on the site now.

Some good sessions, and I see the vault when I assume the boxes will go live. Do we think they will be as sought after as the Negan Ruby Foils? I wonder.

Anyone planning to get these? Are these mostly toys?

Alright… mystery boxes with the “chance giveaway” products marketed in them… no thanks! :wink:

I will get one Was looking forward to the bw cgc that they are doing later

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I’m going to wait for the show to see if they talk about what is in them this time around. If there isn’t a CGC book, then I’ma pass.

What time is the show

It is 12PM PST

$50 is a cheap enough gamble.

only 210 left in stock… I guess they’ll sell out before the show.

I ordered two for free shipping and had a code for $10 off.


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Yeah. I wouldnt doubt they will sell out. They always do