Snyder cut spoiler discussion

Here’s a place to freely speak spoilers about Justice League Snyder’s cut.

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First up did we just get Nubia?

Damn you guys are fast. I wont get a chance, let alone 4 straight hours free, to watch this until the weekend. :sleepy:

Adam Strange Easter egg


Ooohhh a Lantern

Martian Manhunter

Lois has a pregnancy test in her night drawer


There was a Dr Solar and Dr midnite Easter egg

How’s Alana taking to your conversation, Alana? :wink:

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Just getting the spec stuff out there for everyone ahead of time in case anyone wants it


I’m just messin’ with ya, buddy. Your spec is always welcomed. Aloha. :v:

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In my best Vasquez impression voice…

Look Man, I only need to know one thing-where these keys are!!!


Granny Goodness

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Ryan Choi who is a student of Ray Palmer the Atom



Finally a great DC movie a couple more tidbits multiverse is mentioned, alternative time lines are mentioned. Flash knows he shouldn’t travel in time this would be in reference to time wraiths and or the black flash. Mera will play a large role in the sequel. Vulko has a few scenes. Jared Leto is great, I expect Brave and the bold to get a huge pop by the weekend, good night.


You know, you could have just made the top/first post a Wiki and just edit/add instead of talking to yourself… :wink: