So, what is the smart play on Punchline?

If you haven’t seen it, this is from Tynion on 2/16/2020:
“And then there’s the fact that BATMAN #89 and YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #3 have both sold out before they come out… A partial appearance, and her full-body appearance, those two coming out in the next couple weeks. Fair warning, she’s operating in the background as a secondary figure these next few issues, and comes to the forefront in BATMAN #92. From there she becomes the real underboss to the Joker, and will be key in Joker War, not only in the Batman title, but across the line. I think you can already see her on the cover to May’s Nightwing.”

So, Punchline may just be a full panel at best in Hell Arisen 3. Possibly thrown in as more of a teaser/ad image at the end and has nothing to do with the Hell Arisen story. Batman #92 is going to be ordered so heavily, because most people believe that will be her first cover app. The #92 B cover hasn’t even been shown yet. So far I preordered singles of #89-91 A+B covers and Hell Arisen #3-4 A+B covers just in case.

As of today, Midtown will not even let you preorder anymore A covers for #92 even though the cutuff to save 35% is 2/25/2020. People must be going big on this issue. So, what might be the smart play on issue #92A or the unseen B cover while there is still time to save money at other places?

The smart play is, buy Batman #89, Hell Arisen #3 if you haven’t done so already, but buy them at cover price if you can or did. Flip some if you got extras. Then since Midtown cuts off pre-orders earlier than most, pre-order from TFAW at Batman #92. They got both covers available. Buy the Mattina at Batman #92 (Card Stock Francesco Mattina Variant).

If you like gambling, stock up a few extra on Batman #92 if it truly becomes a first full appearance but I still think Batman #89 will become the ultimate winner in the long run, depending on how she plays out in the DC universe.

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Also, it appears she’s on the Cover of #92 as well. Which might make it the real winner as D-rog says. First full + cover = Winner. Poyo says, always best on Cover A as well, unless Mattina does a full cover artwork for the cardstock…

But the cover A is still pretty badass if you ask me.

Batman #92

I already ordered both copies of Batman #92 from TFAW. Nightwing will also be a good early appearance but isn’t available for pre-order yet.

Hold on there. I said when there is a dispute between cameo and full, go with the one the character is on the cover. If someone shows up on a cover 5 issues latter after making several appearances that rarely is a key…probably because there is enough advance warning when it’s several issues later as in this case.

I do like 92 cover A. Doubt B can top it unless s is all over it. Why don’t they take the art fro 94 B and move it up to 92B??? That’d be killer.

Grab a couple 92s, but word is out and it’s gonna be ordered heavy.

I can’t be remembering all your damn rules… :wink:

Which comes this Wednesday, we’ll find out just how “full” of appearance it really is… Tynion makes it sound like it’s just a background shot of her, just full body… if that’s it and not much else… well then… but yeah, #92 can still be pre-ordered… from most shops (except Midtown since they close up pre-orders when the next Previews comes out so they can likely get good counts of orders).

It shows the bottom half of her face in 89. A nothing appearance and it sounds like DC is milking it for all it’s worth. Get in at cover and get out quickly. There’s also another first appearance cameo of a character called The Designer.

Hell Arisen #3, at least 2 panels and named…from the email DC sent on February 7th:

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If that’s the only panels they do end up using in it… that’s not full body appearance, I can’t see from her above her knees down… I feel duped!! I want my refund!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness… if they do only use those two panes in Hell Arisen #3 with no others, I’m pretty certain a lot of folks that like to debate cameo, first and first full’s would say that’s not a first full. Sure in the comic she’s now named but we already knew her name going into Batman #89.

I also love when people will side their argument based on which issue they bought the most of.

But yeah, she speaks in the first cameo. Hell Arisen she’s named, but doesn’t speak (unless there are more panes they didn’t spoil) but you can now see her from the thighs up… and Batman #92 is claimed as the issue she comes into the foreground and not background as Tynion describes it…

Let the debates begin… but it’s going to be fun to watch what the market decides the most valuable appearance out of all these issues will be. :slight_smile:

There’s no siding. DC already stated Batman #89 was a cameo and Hell Arisen #3 was first full appearance.

True but Brubaker says Winter Soldier’s first is Captain America #1, not #6. Creators and publishers say lots of things…

But originally Tynion said also cameo and then first full. But then went on to describe either as “A partial appearance (Batman #89), and her full-body appearance (Hell Arisen #3)”…


Either way there’s a frenzy and DC will boost sales on all those issues. So a success for them. Keep a copy or two for the pc and get rid of any extras. I definitely wouldn’t be paying the crazy prices. I’m to obsessed with newsstands.

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I say buy it for cover and sell, sell, sell! I’m too nervous Punchline is going to fizzle out myself.


Yup and if you can’t get for cover, don’t buy at premium.


89 has been selling at >$30 up to about $50 through the weekend. Some serious FOMO we haven’t seen since Batman Damned. I assume the price will drop as people get online orders in hand and Batman always has such a high print run, but will that finally create the under cutter wave? And where will it drop too, if at all? Might it not be for a few months before we see any serious drop in price?

The smart play is to buy as many of both BM89 and HR3 for cover and laugh all the way to the bank. Hold at least one copy of cover A for both as well to laugh some more later should this character ever amount to anything.

We’re all talking about issues 92 and 94 (cover). What about 90 and 91 and HR4 that come out before? Do we think she doesn’t make an appearance in those?

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Tynion has made no mention of it. I think those issues are going to be focusing on The Designer and the Joker is out of the picture until Joker War starts to make way into the story… which likely starts the beginning in issue #92.

And there’s a likely better chance she shows up in Nightwing #70 which hits stands before Batman #92… at least the solicitation sort of hints at it and we know she’s going to show up in Nightwing #72 since she’s on the cover.