Solid Blood #17

Solid Blood #17 (Limit 1 Per Customer)

I requested it from my LCS and that’s probably all the effort I’m going to put into it until we see what it is.

It’s on TFAW.

Thinking of taking a gamble of one. Anyone taking the bait. I read—on Bleeding Fool, so take it for whatever it is— that Kirkman is hyping it as a long lost book him and Ottley did together They found in a warehouse.

Yup, you can nab it from TFAW here.

No clue what it is. Based on the number they’re sending, no one can figure out what they’re basing it on.

Whatever it is will likely have a pretty small run, though.

In a yt video, Kirkman says there are 10s of 1000s of them printed so they shouldn’t be that rare or hard to come by. Doesnt mean that extreme demand or FOMO wont take hold of the marketplace.

Grabbed a copy…was trying for 2 only got 1… thanks as always fellas.

Assuming each comic store in the country gets 10 copies that’s 20k. Based on the numbers I’ve seen for our stores, I don’t think there’s a lot of places that will be overrun with them unless it’s based off orders for some weird niche title that just isn’t popular for us.

Don’t worry, Kirkman is testing the waters, limiting the first round… creating false demand… there will be more… (I’m sure he’s got stacks of them printed in his basement right next to all the bags of cash from milking that Walking Dead cash cow)… :wink:

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I’m just curious if they’ll then follow it up with #18 or have it be a thing where issue #1-#16 then start coming-out and fill-in the story.

I don’t know if the comic will be any good, but I do appreciate these clever time-jumps. It is a gimmick I find fun.

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It could also just be a random standalone issue related to something like Crossover.

My money is still on random promotional tie-in issue or something in it will announce when Saga is returning or something. Kirkman has too many things going on right now for ANOTHER comic to make much sense. And Ottley is tied up at Marvel, so I don’t think he’d get the green light to do anything unless it was a one off or promoted Marvel in some way.

But we’ll see next week!

A solid blood eBay auction now at cover price.

It looks like the late 90s Image cheese factor comics they were putting out… I know some liked those but there was a lot of utter garbage coming out of Image then (well, they still put out a lot of garbage but at least in different fashion)… I’m out…

They also just jacked up the price to $19.99. Hard pass. Seller sold 15 copies in about 5 minutes. Must have assumed something was up (spec).

And I agree. It looks like YoungBlood font and coloring.

Bleeding Stools got the details all wrong, according to this Kirkman marketing ploy hype video. It’s a sales/marketing gimmick for the Image Crossover event, would be my guess.

Yep, I bought 10. The seller (billian) has now sold 35 copies for cover and keeps adding more at cover (65 left). Kirkman said there was a pallet or 2 so I dont think they will be rare so I wont be adding any additional copies.


What is this comic about? Why all the hype?

I bought a few. Won’t be the first or last time something doesn’t pan out if it’s a bust lol