Something is Killing the Children coming to Netflix

That one little piggy is trying to get away.

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She gets a lot of hate because she wants more inclusivity so naturally white men thinks she hates all white men. Good article below. Full disclosure…I’m a white man and I agree with what she said.


We should probably try to swing this back on track about Something is Killing the Children and it coming to Netflix… not a discussion about Brie Larson anything except if she’s a front runner for the role in the show (which I doubt is gonna happen).


she wont do a tv show at this time, she’ll stick to movies

For me its all about the story/plot. If its done right, any good actress could do the part. If the plot sucks or its not filmed well, then the show definitely flops. I have been pleasantly surprised when I thought a show, movie, actor/actress, would not do well, and then it/they change my opinion, and vice versa. My concern is that with the comic being so new, do they have enough material to flesh out the character/plot, before the episodes catch up to the book ? Then, its going to depend on the screenwriters to come up with new material to make the show interesting - quite a challenge (see Walking Dead !). Still excited to see comics translated to the small/big screen.

So … I don’t care for her acting so could care less about her movie roles.

I actually like her too, my original comment only had to do with all the spec dying for Carol Danvers after Brie Larson played her in the movies.

I hope this either never sees the light of day or it flops really hard. It’s actually number one on my Christmas list. So many great comic series could be easily adapted with great success but they choose this boring series.

What a way to approach and look at… well anything… I don’t like it so I hope everyone that does is extremely disappointed and it fails miserably… Cool cool.


I hope it tanks too…mostly cause I still need to get the early issues :joy:. I have 1 and the frison and then 9-17

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My hope is they stop adapting poorly written derivative trash. I’ve read the books and I would like a refund.

SIKTC spinoff series


Basilisk 2nd print about to get a bump

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so a preview of it in the fcbd issue?


U think so? Hhmmm how many did I order…

Wow… watch this book be even more sought after.

none, i bought the basilisk boom exclusive instead

That Frison looks good

Oh my, this is going to be a gigantic first print run. Haha. I’m still grabbing bunches.

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Nice House homage… so dope

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