Something is Killing the Children

This series is officially blazing hot. Combo of a good story, unique covers, small print runs and TV/Movie potential has created a perfect storm.

Sadly, I missed this WHOLE damn series, as I’m only somewhat recently back in the game after a LONG break. So, in my quest to start piecing together this series, I put together an excel doc with every cover I could find. I think it have it complete now.

But, two upcoming 1:25s to keep an eye out for:

Issue #10’s 1:25 hits on Weds. Killer cover, and it’s pre-ordering on ebay for 3X+ ratio already.


Issue #11’s 1:25 isn’t quite the stunner that 10 is (just a BW of the B cover), but it’s still already warm in that 3X ratio range on ebay.


Lastly, issue #12’s 1:25. Guessing this one will be a tad bit warm. Momoko. Pre-ordering at 3-4X ratio. Yikes.


Happy hunting.

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boom has opened the series to store exclusives so the incentives will no longer be rare, dont over pay

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I got both issue 10 and 11 1:25 variant off of BOOM!'s website. A little above ratio but since this is a series that my wife buys and likes the character, I don’t mind spending $15 above ratio as long as the wife is happy. I’m also drawing a cover for her so hopefully she likes it :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

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So exclusives count toward incentive numbers? Store X gets 3,000 exclusive covers, so that gives them access to buy 120 1:25s? Seems strange for exclusives to count. I had guessed incentives were based on open order counts only.

they count for all comic companies

They need those incentives to help make up for the cost of the ones they dont sell :wink:


I think a lot of the 1:25s going crazy on this series are going to drop.

Unless it’s a key issue, or amazing art, the values won’t likely hold.

It’s too much FOMO right now on the series.

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What do you mean? The first and second issues had store exclusives already, but did something else change?

I suspect you’re mostly right, but some of the earlier ratios probably have pretty low print counts. It wasn’t until issue 7 or 8 that it really started to catch fire. Moving forward the print counts on the ratios are probably going to be much higher.

I just spent WAY too much on the issue 6 ratio variant, as it was the only cover of the series I didn’t have.

It caught Fire with the Dekal on 7 which probably has the best bet to hang around. Best art of the group plus also the Wynd preview (if Wynd takes off).

But didn’t the 1:25 only start with issue 6? The earlier ones mostly only had FOCs and later prints.

I love the series overall and think long term it’s a great series to invest in but it’s just over time it’s mostly only keys and firsts that hold value so i wouldn’t go too crazy on a random issue 1:25 unless I absolutely loved the art.

started with #6, go see what that 1:25 will run you, there were no incentives until than, issue 1 had the diamond retailer exclusive but thats it

Issue 1 also had two covers from Sanctum Santorum Comics & Oddities - a version of the Jenny Frison variant but in B&W with blood on the blade, and a foil version of the Jenny Frison FOC variant. Issue 2 had an exclusive from Black Cape Comics as well.

Edit - Also forgot a cover from issue 1 - an NYCC variant for Oasas Comics that was a B&W variant of the B cover.

Exactly. That is another reason why store books are no good for our speculation market. Those store books kill the value on any ratios for any given book due to the absurd amount of ratios that one qualifies for when doing a store variant, due to the minimum ordering requirements.

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I looks like they shifted their B cover to become the incentive cover between issues 5 and 6. 1-5 had a B. 6 had a B, and the 1:25 was a color variation of the B cover. Also had a one-per store.

Starting with 7, they ditched the B and made it a 1:25. 11 has a B, and a 1:25 color variation of the B.

For some reason, EVERYTHING was pulled from TFAW today as they are listed as sold out. Even issue 12, which isn’t at FOC. Probably an error.

They are all still listed for me. 9-12 and 8 2nd print. You maybe caught them at a momentary database update.

Store exclusive here vanished in minutes, apparently. This is limited to 500, and the “metal” version (whatever the hell that is) only had 100. Issue 11. These won’t be cheap in the secondary market.


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You just happened to look at things while the inventory was indexing.

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For me personally, I find little “value” or collecting pleasure in the variants/exclusives when they are limited to such an extent that they are more in line with fine art printing proofs and such.

I love the series, love the art…but when a comic book (these are still just comic books) are released in almost secretive formats such as this one…just doesn’t do it for me. Sure it will be in demand and valuable…but it is being forced to a certain degree.

I find it akin to just paying for a commissioned piece of art by any artist.

I don’t even know if that makes any sense. Just my opinion.

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You got it but backwards - in both cases the color variation was the B cover and the B&W was the incentive.

I’ve got two copies of the standard and one of the metal coming my way. No idea what a metal variant actually is (I’m guessing just foil?).