Something is Killing the Children

Issue 25 will have a first appearance which is her on the left cover. She is supposed to be arch nemesis of Erica Slaughter.

And last image is a teaser of whats to come by end of year


isn’t that just cutter? she showed up in like 21 I think

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Your probably right as I have caught up on my reading.

Pretty cheap before and after discount:

#25 Studio exclusives available as well.


Is this Ashcan different than the others listed on Ebay?
I notice this one has a “white” image; and the ones on Ebay a black one?

Apologies for not knowing a darn thing about SIKTC

$49.99? Yet another joyless cash grab from the House of Boom…

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There should only be 1 ashcan for SIKTC 21 that was 1 per store. I think they gave some out during SDCC when you purchased the vol 1 slipcase HC. Remember 50% off so 24.99 for the ashcan during this sale. You have to add it to cart to see the discounted price.

Also of note is the SIKTC 25 bloody unmasked Yoon variant that was a SDCC variant that sold they had for 70 dollars that they are now calling a store exclusive and selling for 12.49.

The Briar 1 Yoon store exclusive is also 12.49 and seems to be a ghost on ebay and also has an awesome cover.

Haven’t ordered from them in awhile so hopefully their packaging has improved.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


when you add the ashcan to your cart its 50% off so $25