Sony finally making a Silk Show

My wife sent me this link and it looks like we will finally get Silk. Good think a keep an extra copy for Amazing Spider-Man #4.

What are your guy’s thoughts?


I saw that. It is time for ASM 1, 4, and silk #1’s

Yes. I need to offload some of my extra copies of Silk #1

I’m personally a huge fan of Silk. I’ve always liked the character and have gone all in (well, my idea of all in anyway) for some time now.
I hope they treat her well and do her justice.
I’ve been buying up just about any issue of hers I come across for the last year or so. I have that Ramos variant and got it very cheap a long time ago. Unfortunately it only graded a 9.4 as it has some mild rubbing on the back side of the book. Can’t complain…it is still a beauty.
Actually just came across some second prints of varied issues the other day and scooped them all up for less than cover.

I think ASM #5 is still undervalued actually. I like that issue and her heated moments with Pete. Also like that we get to know her family a bit.

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I missed out on the Ramos cover.

I’ll sell you one of mine… muahhahahahaha

Silk’s a character I didn’t get into until after people started speculating, so I don’t have any key issues, but I am stoked to see a show be made.

I was wondering why my Ramos cover sold so quickly with multiple people having interest in my item for sale in the past hour (people had no interest in it for the past week it was posted). I still still have about 6 Ramos covers and about 10 regular covers that I bought last year already graded 9.8’s at a much cheaper price, so I have no problem with selling off a Ramos cover not knowing the price will probably go up even more because of the Spiderverse movie and the show.

Uuuuuu I’m intrigued​:grin::grin::grin:

I want a 9.8. Sell me one…

Your better off getting one off eBay, I’m going to wait for the price to inflate a little once more people know about the news.

I had a 9.8 contender Silk 1 1st print. I donated it with a few others to my LCS to sell after Covid hit. Hope they can make some money off of it now!

I think I have a few other Silk regular #1 available. And I have the ASM #4 1:25 CGC 9.8 along with that raw copy.

And I think I still have another ASM #4 Regular somewhere… I sold 1 or 2 long ago (made my money back + profit)…

Seems some are already listing the ASM #4 1:25 CGC 9.8 for $800 or more… Geez…

Might be time to dump it… I think I paid $80 or $90 for mine way back in the day… :slight_smile:

The Comics Pro Silk 1 is a hidden gem I think, because it was only offered in the Portland area for the retailers summit a few years back.

The Silk #1 1:25 is going for decent money too… $150 to $180 raw currently and seems most are getting gobbled up…

My wife had that Silk #1 1:25 and she does not want to sell it lol

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All good. Thought I asked. Thank you

I should probably have a couple silk 1 9.8 candidates if anyone is interested, name a price that’s high enough and I will start looking through my boxes of unread comics. Or if you want NM copies of ASM #1 Volume 3 I have a ton of those as well.

My Ramos and regular have been at the graders expected back in a week or two

Make your listing in the For Sale & Trading category though. :wink: