SOZOMAIKA Quitting Comic!

Is this real? What happened…

April Fools Joke maybe

Look at the date it was posted

“Competitive dancing”, huh? Soooo, this time next year she will be right back doing more art. Just call it a sabbatical.

Hope it’s not true but in the end could make her catalog of covers worth more.

I heard she wanted to quit comics to do fashion design, but that opportunity never presented itself.

If true, I hope she does well in her new pursuits. We should congratulate and support such ambitions, it’s rather daunting for most to switch careers so we should all be positive for her.

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Seriously, if she’s young enough she should definitely give it a go. Nothing worse than having regrets later and thinking of what might have been.


wanna buy a bridge? i got 3 available

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She’s stated in her streams and stuff that she wanted to get into fashion design but got into doing comics

Depends on where they are

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just sold one,
i have Brooklyn or Manhattan left

Only if they are in the middle of the Sahara desert.

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April Fool’s Day sucks


I always post about my dislike of the day on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else I can. People use it as an excuse to be ignorant and hurtful.

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She’ll always have drawing to fall back on. Can always do side gigs too. People who love to draw don’t stop drawing unless they’re not able to.