Spawn #312 McFarlane Homage

Spawn #312 McFarlane Homage cover art is out.

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Is Neil Gaiman listed? :laughing:

If he’s not, then it’s incomplete and utter garbage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha… I like how TFAW has Stillwater #3 cover placed for the cover for their listing… @RipCityGamer

Wait, that cover doesn’t have “World Record Breaking Comic” banner on it… I’m out. I must be reminded each and every month on Todd’s success to continue stroking his ego of breaking the world record every new issue… Muhahahahahahaah!!!


I am pretty sure the lawsuit would stop Todd from using Neil’s name

Still incomplete… Neil was one of the few that helped launch Spawn to what it is today… :wink:

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Neil worked on the book as a guest writer for 1 issue. Also at that time Dave Simms and Frank Miller worked on the book. Grant Morrison wrote 4 issues. Shoot, Stan Lee came up with the name Overkill and Rob Liefeld and Todd drew the design that would be later called Overtkill, who was a pretty big villain in the Image Universe.

Other than creating Angela, he wasn’t a huge part of the Creation of the character.

Just saying.

One of the best takes on yes, Gaiman’s only issue… hence why I said helped launch Spawn into a whole new category… :wink:

Neil Gaiman also manages to create a massive fictional universe for Todd McFarlane’s creation in a one comic. Somehow, in only 22 pages Gaiman creates centuries of background history to Spawn, all the while developing Al Simmons and introducing new and memorable characters.

All of which will not be used any more since Neil sued Todd and Todd retconned it out (well to avoid paying royalties that is). So in effect it is non-existent.

True but it’s silly to think, Neil, a master writer could do more in one issue than Todd has done in how many now? :wink:

But he also only retconned out Angela… read the link I sent you. Todd is still pretty much using most of the groundwork that Neil handed him in that issue that’s still Todd’s cause it wasn’t part of the settlement between them.

Angela was later sold to whereas Coglistro and Medieval Spawn are still used in the Spawn comics. I believe Coglistro and Medieval Spawn are still co-owned by both… Gaiman and McFarlane.

A record breaking 310 (excluding issues 9 and 26) and counting…I believe.

I guess its working for him having these rare 1:5 variants. Seems like he is doing it on every issue to try and keep
Momentum going

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Its too bad the LCSD variant doesnt qualify for the 1:5.

Ya the 1:5 seems to be working for them for the last few issues so I can imagine they keep doing them.

Mmmm… buy more than you actually need… wait… wasn’t McFarlane the reason the comic industry crumbled after Spider-Man #1 with these silly sales tactics with additional covers and variants? :wink:

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They are giving free copies for shops to make extra on…Poyo still complains about TMcF. You are as bad with him as Alana is with Cates.

He isnt wrong though :wink:

Wouldnt that be great? Seems like thats the one everyone wants right now

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