Spawn Kickstarter Covers Released...Poyo😉

The Toddfather released the art for his Spawn#1 comics that will be included in the packaging of the Spawn Kickstarter Action Figure.
There were 3 versions of this action figure, and subsequently there are 3 different covers.
I did some tabulations when the Kickstarter ended to try and guage the print runs for these books.
1st cover is estimated to be 16829.
2nd cover is estimated to be 10062.
3rd cover is estimated to be 8657.
This was based off of how many people contributed to each ‘tier’ of the Kickstarter, and the books assigned with each ‘tier’.

The covers don’t really jump out to me. They are classic, typical McFarlane, but, Spawn fans are crazy, and those runs aren’t crazy. I’d suspect a lot of those books will stay at home in the packaging with the toys. Well, at least the ones ordered by the toy guys will. Maybe not so much for the comic guys. :man_shrugging:

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I would expect better myself out of the covers… meh. I just have like zero desire to read or collect Spawn. He was cool to me back in 1992…

As I said above, they don’t jump out to me either, but, I do like the picture frame style for them. I personally collect McFarlane, so, I’m glad I’ve got 1 of each coming my way.

I ordered the figs. I like the covers. Very 90s so it’s what I expected. And this is staying with going on the wall in the new collector room.

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Why does he need a kickstarter in the first place? Isn’t he loaded? I mean I see his toys at Target which means their available everywhere including Walmart. Especially for a well known several decades old established character. Who’s not only had a live action film but an animated one as well. I hope he’s not wasting more money on baseballs. Lol.

Idk, you’d have to ask Todd. It’s was a nice exclusive treat for his fans, I think. Todd is a hell of a business man. I’m sure he has quite valid reasons for doing things the way he did. M2c.

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He didn’t. It was just a way for the consumers to put up the money so he didn’t have to. This is why I frowned upon this decision, it’s not in the Kickstarter spirit and intention of the use for the platform. Kickstarter is geared towards products, ideas and creations that are not yet proven on the existing market. It’s a way for creators to see if their ideas have enough interest to push forward and create.

Spawn is well beyond that and that’s why I think it’s a cheap tactic for a man worth 300+ million to use a platform to front the money he knew he could have done on his own, from his own website with just pre-orders, etc.

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Nah yall are missing the kickstarter point. Stores have setups to order only products that sell and are contracted. His Spawn creation is off Brand and store placement especially Toys r us that are gone leaves Target and Walmart and if you collect figures(I do) between Neca and Target screw ups Neca store over charging for delivery to create the item he wanted crowdfunding was the only way. I’m breezing over some points but if you collect and Follow ToyShiz. Boognice. Fwoosh they all spoke and explained why. It’s not as cut n dry as he has money etc. What he wanted to make was out of store guidelines and such. I know I’m missing some key points but it’s much more than he has money and a toy company why do the kickstarter.


I fully understand the kickstarter point and the reasons behind them. The original intent was for creators to put out their ideas and raise money based on interest. Yes, other businesses are now using this as a “no risk” option to create products. There’s certainly a fine line but my main point is, Spawn has been a proven product whether it’s a comic, action figure, etc that doesn’t in my opinion meet the criteria of a “new idea” that’s testing the open market.

Kickstarters when you think about the name itself is to promote creations and ideas. You’re basically asking those who want to back your idea to front the money to push the idea from just an idea to a product. Think of it as investment into “new” products that are you backing. Spawn has been around how many years now? It’s well beyond the needing to be “kickstarted” to bring the product to the masses.

So if he crowdfunded or asked for money str8 up u had half the toy community complaining as such. Because certain creators have yet to fulfill there situations. LoL I realized one thing in this collecting world. Is like when I hustled in the streets. Customers will complain or have something to question no matter what you do.

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What I’m saying is, he could have easily put these up for pre-order on his own website and got just as many people go in on it. Kickstarter is a way to have creators put forth new ideas with a risk. If you back a project and something happens, well, too bad so sad. I know it won’t happen but McFarlane could just not follow through, take all your money and that’s the risk one takes in backing a “kickstarter” on :wink:

Kickstart = To kick start an idea. The company’s stated mission is to “help bring creative projects to life”.

Spawn is beyond an idea and has been alive and well since the early 90s. It’s just not in the spirit of what the whole site is about. That’s all I got to say…

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