Spec: Batman X Fortnite Why you should pay attention to this book

Fortnite is coming to Batman. No surprise, Batman was in Fortnite a season or two ago, they did a special Joker/Poison Ivy pack over the holidays that went well. But I mean Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 . Ok, you guys are not excited yet, I get it. So why should you take the chance on the book? I mean after all, not like the Fortnite Marvel variants are selling for that much. No, the reason isn’t a variant, the reason isn’t even the story, the reason is below, from the solicitation…

Each print issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a redeemable code for bonus DC-themed Fortnite digital items, inspired by the events in the comic, starting with the new Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit.

So, two winter’s ago, Gamestop and Target were giving out codes for a Christmas themed pick axe. Those codes were selling on eBay for $20 each. Yes free codes for a pick axe selling for $20 each. A pickaxe is used for harvesting mats, building materials in the game. These issues come with a skin, a new Harley skin from the sounds of the solicitation.

Now this is one of those rare crossover events where the codes will be worth more than the contents of the comic.

FOC is 3/7 and books are in stores 4/20

People who get all six issues and redeem all six codes will also get an exclusive Armored Batman Skin.

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So, my question is, will every cover of each issue have the same digital code? It would be even more interesting if each variant cover offered a different skin or item in the game.

each variant has the same code. I ordered copies of the cheapest cover to make the most potential money. Code is king with this I believe.

So, you really don’t need to buy the comic if the codes are all the same? Or are they digitally different? Not sure how to word my question.

so the codes themselves will be different, like Marvel’s redeemable digital comics, but you will get the same item no matter how many codes you redeem.

Do the codes expire ?

Yes. I would imagine they do

Can a fortnite expert weigh in on how much these might go for?

Based on the merry mint pick axe they could go for anywhere from $20 up for just the code.

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I found it interesting that 2 retailers put out a last minute FOC alert for this book. Seems like there are always people lurking on these boards. LoL


Always lurking.


I actually worked at a gamestop during the minty pick axe promotion. It was crazy, kids and parents were freaking out over it.
To this day stores still get calls about it lol

I went kind of big on this one. I hope it works out.

I decided to go a little big on this one as well. I was going to do at least $100 and do it through unknown to get the free shipping and bags and boards. Before I did that I asked my local LCS if I did through him if he would do the same price and he agreed so I got him to order me 50 copies. The other benefit of this is I can pick them up right away instead of having to wait.

Selling digital codes has backfired on me before. I’m sitting this one out. I hope all of you who do buy a bunch make bank though!

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What happened?
I feel like fortnite owes me for all the abuse I put up with when I worked at gs lol

I plan on shipping the book the cheapest way possible unless the buyer requests upgraded shipping and then just sending them a picture of the code right after they pay.

I think that way I’m not violating any rules. Also if I have some issues with a buyer or code I’ll just issue a refund and move on and I’m only out $3.50.

I wouldn’t recommend sending a pic of the code. If it’s sold on ebay the buyer could cancel it after you sent the pic.

DC just announced issue 1 is going back to FOC until 3/14, and all 6 issues are now fully returnable. If you redeem all 6 item codes you get a special 7th item now as well.

Also revealed that they’ll be polybagged (which means the code is probably on a separate card/paper) and that returns will only be accepted for unbroken polybags in sellable condition.


Will TFAW revert to the pre-FOC price until the 14th?

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