Spec picks for January & February

I just want to start off by saying I’ve been following this forum for a little while now and I’ve been loving the vibes that this community gives off so I decided to sign up and get my self an account,
So far this year I’ve managed to get 16 high republic #1’s & 6 ASM #55 so thank you!

I’m a little new to speculating and flipping comics so if you’re all willing to share what would be some good picks over the next couple of weeks, long term and quick flips or some books that you think will heat up?



Welcome, if you don’t already follow the main site for CHU, we post spec articles there as well.

And I’ll do Previews Highlight books I’m spec’ing or just highlighting as great reads, cool covers, etc that are a month or more out from release.



What?! We have a front page :wink:

Also, welcome WelshWizard!

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It’s sad right? First we couldn’t get people to come to the forums, now we can’t get some to go back to the main site…


I’ll help kick this off though.

Here’s my spec and regular picks (I also pick books for many other reasons other than flipping and speculating) for this week (Wednesday January 13th):

Planet of the Symbiotes #1 KiB Tie-In. I’m not normally one for tie-in for main events but this one I want to checkout. There’s also a pretty awesome Hotz Variant, already sold out at Midtown.

Star Wars Darth Vader #9 is out and how many past issues of Darth Vader have heated up recently? Just a good bet to pick this title up if you ask me.

There’s also a pretty sweet looking 1:10 Design Variant that’s already selling well on the secondary. If you can find for cover or cheap, could be a nice flip unless of course you’re a die hard Vader fan to throw in the personal collection.

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Ascencia #1. I had this in my indie preview highlight picks long ago. Really looking forward to this one.

This next one will drag you Terry Moore fans out to the shops (unless of course you order online).

Serial #1. Do I need to explain the draw to this new book from Abstract Studios? Already sold out at most major online retailers.

What I hope is just an entertaining read is Space Bastards #1. There’s also the FOC variant available. And if you can find it, there’s a Black Light ratio incentive variant as well.


Here’s my Variant Picks for this week:

Nothing groundbreaking but just really good artwork, almost in Del’Otto style goes to Amazing Spider-Man #57 variant B by Marco Mastrazzo.

The big one this week goes to Gwenom vs Carnage #1 1:15 by InHyuk Lee. Normally Midtown sells these 1:25 for around the $30 range but they bumped their’s to $100. Most shops will be bumping their prices on these.

The key here is, buy low, sell high unless you really really want it (eBay is already $120+, all the copies that sold for under $100 were last month). So my advice, if you can’t snag this for under $50, don’t bother I say. Print out the cover to hang somewhere if you like it that much and use that money elsewhere.

The ‘makes me laugh’ variant this week goes to Commanders in Crisis #4, totally a swipe from the style of funny comic you find in Playboy on the cover.

It’s so colorful and weird. Plus clowns scare me… Haha #1 cover by Malavia.

One of the few DC Future State books that I dig, probably only the cover though as I’m a huge Dustin Nguyen fan.

Future State Teen Titans #1 and it’s only $4.99, so it’s not breaking the bank either.

There’s another Future State Teen Titans #1 cover that makes the variant picks this week, only because it’s a Del 'Otto and his covers are had to pass up. Unfortunately the cover as nothing to do with Teen Titans.

Already sold out at Midtown, still available at TFAW.

Darth Vader #9 brings us a 1:10 Design Variant that’s not to be missed.

Depicts Vader with his reassembled parts after the Emperor had to teach him a lesson. Already selling quite well on the secondary market.

My favorite variant of this week actually goes to King In Black Planet of the Symbiotes #1 Hotz variant. Just a sweet looking cover. I love it. It’s very noisy but works… Again, sold out at Midtown but still available at TFAW (edit, seems like TFAW is out of stock as well, thanks toy_maker for letting me know).

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That’s in the New Yorker cartoon style, right?

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I think this is case only because we can disseminate information much quicker on the forums.

What is going on with Venoms chest on that Hotz cover?

Or Playboy… :wink:

Here’s mine…Cool Mcfarlane cover for Killadelphia #12 that is out 1/20.
I feel like it went under the radar & it’s still available for preorders cheap.

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I suspect it’s a New Yorker homage here, and might be considered a Playboy homage if this was for Dejah Thoris/Vampirella/Red Sonja cover :laughing:

Oh I’m sure it is, just funnier to think otherwise… I never read either to be honest, except when you know, as a young boy finding my dad’s stash…

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Which stash are we talking about here…? My dad had a New Yorker stash XD

This is the main site now. That other site is secondary. Look at the stats and tell me which one is visited more.

Well, stats are sort of measured differently and calculated. The forums now will now have more hits but by the same users while the main site still likely gets unique visitors, since people read the articles posted and are done, coming here for the conversations.

Woah. Yeah. Did not notice that. She-Venom?

It’s gotta be Playboy because I don’t understand New Yorker cartoons and this one makes me laugh.

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Has to be…that or Pectoral Butt Venom. :man_shrugging: