Speculation suggestions welcomed! $500 range

I sold a book and after buying what I wanted, I have $500 left over. I’m having trouble deciding what books I should chase. I am not intending for this to be a quick flip but obviously would like something that has growth potential to flip in the future. There isn’t one particular item that has interested me enough to grab it yet, so I figured I would see if you all have (and are willing to share) any ideas on where to park the $500.

So far, I have been mulling over:

Amazing Spider-Man 51 CGC 9.0 - 1st Kingpin on cover and 2nd app - $470
Batman 189 CGC 7.5 - 1st App Scarecrow around $400
Batman 139 CGC 4.5 - 1st original Bat-girl Betty Kane $440
Detective Comics 359 CGC 4.5 - $500
Batman Adventures 12 - I can get a 9.0 for $550 so a little over budget or 8.5 for $425

I like these books but the mid-range grades makes me feel like I would be better off moving onto something more current and getting a 9.8. Or a 9.6 if it is a small print run. It doesn’t have to be a $500 book, am interested in suggestions for books at any $ amount just wanted to stick to no more than around $500 on a single book.

Anyways if you all have suggestions your willing to share I am all ears. If no one responds that is ok too, I know people do not always like to divulge items they might also have their eye on.

I see you are a fellow Batman collector, what about Batman 357 (1st Jason Todd and killer croc) looks like there are no 9.8s but a few 9.6s on eBay currently. Been watching this one myself for a while hoping for a cheaply priced copy. I would also suggest maybe a 9.8 Darth Vader #3, 1st app doctor aphra, as she was notably absent from Disney investor day this year but with the slate of shows coming up she’s bound to appear somewhere.


Not really in keeping with the books you listed, but I’m a big fan of collecting nice copies of GI JOE #21…even if not .9.6 or 9.8.(above the $500). The book isn’t easy to find in nice shape it hasn’t come close to reaching its potential imo.

I’m biased but with $500, I’d buy a decent early Moon Knight appearance (the show is around the corner) and or Ghost Rider or Silver Surfer early appearances.

I like your picks, but I suspect these will all need to be quite long-term (more than 10 years) for significant growth. Even Harley, since BA12 is already pretty high in top grades. There is nothing wrong with that at all! I am into long-term collecting.

Everything revolves around movies and TV now, so I look for things that are inevitable for adaptation or rebooting. I want characters that kids will want to dress up as. The whole reason I’m a Batman fan goes back to seeing the Super Friends cartoon as a kid. That kind of exposure kids get through media and tie-in toys creates life-long fans.

I think the future is extremely bright for:

  • Mile Morales – he IS Spider-Man to many kids already, the video game and more movies will expand this. Already expensive, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a bargain again.
  • Spider-Gwen – similar to Miles
  • Kamala Khan and any of the Marvel Rising crew – this is what’s being marketed to girls
  • Gambit – tons of X-Men 266 copies out there but it’s been a steady seller for 30+ years. If he’s part of a new Disney X-Men, watch what happens.
  • SO many more. Because of Disney’s capabilities, I believe Marvel characters are the safest bets now. DC-wise, I’d consider Batman Beyond.

Moon girl and devil dinosaur 1 9.8 hip hop variant (1st LUNELLA LAFAYETTE)? It seems like they aren’t hyping her up much yet.

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Fantastic Four #49 should be able to find a nice 3.0-6.0 for what you have to spend.


Better than a modern because it’s silver age marvel. Galactus is coming might be in 3 years might be a decade but they will do him right this time around, so this book will grow 300-500% before then. Not a Disney + show type of character but a full phase of movies lead up to villain like Thanos. Also it’s Galactus as for major marvel villains top3 top5 in the class of Red Skull, Thanos, Venom, Dr Doom, Green Goblin, Loki, Magneto, type villain.

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I just got a Vengeance 1 cgc 9.8 for about $550. First America Chavez, who will be in the next Dr. Strange movie.

Why is Moon Girl 1st app worth more than Devil Dinosaur 1st App. I have them all, but I don’t get it.

For 9.6 or 9.8 at around $500 you could get a Darth Vader #3 (first Aphra) 1:25 variant in 9.6 or you could get an Amazing Spider-Man #3 (First silk) 1:10 variant in 9.8.
If you don’t mind a slightly lower grade you could pick up a New Mutants #98 in 9.4 (first Deadpool).

Star Wars #42, raw books going for about $300. The book of Bobb Fett coming out in the future.

I feel like that current short term movie/tv market doesn’t compare to the established blue chip moderns, like Albedo #2 or Comico Primer #2, imo.

Thank you for all the great suggestions! While I do like Batman, I was just finding that most older Marvel keys were way out of that price range for at least a palatable looking book. You all brought up some great ideas that I hadn’t looked into yet, which is what I was looking for. You all are a great help!


I like your Batman picks… I am obviously Batman biased as well. Some books I have been looking into are:

Batman 227

Detective Comics 31

Batman 423

These are cover buys more than anything, but they are DAMN GOOD COVERS and are among Batman’s most iconic.

Also, if you don’t already own one, Batman 89 & Hell Arisen 3 in CGC 9.8 as I am sure that Warner Brothers will want to capitalize on Punchline.

I myself just grabbed a Fantastic Four 51 in mid grade. For $500 you could snag a high grade copy. This is among the FF’s most iconic covers, definitely the Thing’s most iconic (in my opinion), and arguably among Kirby’s best work (along with the issue’s title page!)

Speaking of Kirby, perhaps Mister Miracle 1? Forever People 1? New Gods 1?

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You have impeccable taste.


I’m down to just needing Werewolf by Night #32 and I still want a Defenders #47 in a nice 9.6 or higher grade… I’ll go lower if it’s eye appealing though. I don’t normally buy slabs but I’ve been buying slabs to get all the early Moon Knight appearances just so they’re mostly protected, but it’s always about the book and not the grade when I’m buying the slabs for the PC.

raw NM copy of batman beyond #1 1999
strange academy #1 1:50
NM raw of darth vader #3 1:25 (look at back spine for color rub)
SIKTC #1 9.8 cover A of nycc diamond cover

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All three of those are very under valued right now. there is a big lull on all the fringe DC bronze age keys like those. When the New God’s movie finally get released those will be worth a lot more than they are now.

Also, Young Avengers #1 is a good book to think about as well. Not sure what the 9.8 prices are going for but 9.6 copies are still affordable.

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