Quick turnaround for his own series. Back in the day it took a couple years for a random new character to get a series.

Marvel’s going to capitalize while they can, just like with hallow’s eve


I’m still waiting for the twist where it turns out Spider-Boy is really Tosin!

It’s the shill Matthew Page who runs a Facebook group that charges $5 a month for news that is already being reported elsewhere. “But it’s an exclooooosive”


So he didn’t increase the price to $9.99? Matthew Page has arranged two surveys on the future of the group:

  1. Keep the price, but increase member’s limit.
  2. Increase the price ($9.99 AFAIR), but don’t increase member’s limit.
  3. Leave it as it is.
    Option three won the first time, and it wasn’t even close so that scumbag has arranged another survey a few months later. This time, option number two won. Not even one person voted for the other options. How did Matthew achieve this? Those who voted for option three were kicked out of the group. And did he remove them from the Patreon? No. He continued to collect the money.
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It’s a legit solicit, I’ve seen the Previews

To be honest, I do not know. I have not been a member of the group in a long time. Didn’t really see value in it. Yet he still tags me on Facebook all the time to join the group “it pays for itself”. I never saw anything really worth paying for in the one month I was a member and he seems like a sleezoid. He comes off all holy on his Facebook account yet seems to be all about the money.


I am not a fan of charging for a site. I have said that several times.


And why not? In todays tick tock world where you have 10 seconds to make an impression and make $1,000,000 before something better comes along…gotta strike while the irons hot.

Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

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Speaking of which, where is my Tosin #1? Hottest thing since Miles Morales my ass. They haven’t done shit with him


I don’t blame them. Something has to save their declining sales

That’s an excellent question - he drives sales, so why not capitalise on that and give him a limited series and sell a bunch of books…? Seems like an obvious missed opportunity, that one.

Yeah…just when you think Marvel knows what we demand, they issue a 2nd printing of a book without the character who debuted on the cover…and have dragged their feet on a character whose first appearance still demands a premium and people still discuss regularly.

Yet you demand $12 a month on your Onlyfans!

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From what I see above, I need to run a poll to see if I should charge more.

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Can we hate both? I’m getting old and like to yell at things for the sake of yelling at things. Hating on everything has become a hobby.

The creators likely wanted to story build with the character, not just create a stupid character for Marvel to bank off of immediately… we the collectors are to blame for lying to ourselves he’s the next Miles… :wink:

Blame Bleeding Cool.


how long did it take for spider-gwen ?