I did not see this anywhere else on the web. Can anyone confirm this? Please give opinions.

November solicits come out in 2 months…

If its not on PRH, its not real.


EOSV #2 - Sept 17, 2014

Spider-Gwen #1 - February 25, 2015

So 5 months between debut and first solo title…

I think it makes sense that they would want to cash in with a new series. However, why would you only tell one website? This is speculation.

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Its made up bs. Solicits never get leaked 2 months ahead. Hell, they arent even complete 1 month ahead…

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Actually that’s not quite correct. Some pages from the next Marvel Previews (which I guess is due to be issued on Friday) were included in the retailer previews last week, for some reason, which is where I saw the Spider-boy #1

got a pic ? And what Marvel Previews were you looking at ?

If that is true this is big news. Do you have a picture to share to confirm?

Well, no, as it would have the retailer ID watermark… but it’s two pages, the first was posted above by thefallenone, and the second page is the image from the article posted above by Comic.


Well, there goes the planet. Can’t even rely on watermarks anymore….

Looks like it was legit, my bad for not trusting a site ive never heard of lol


I don’t blame you for the hesitation. You can’t trust anything you read on the internet, as Abraham Lincoln once said.


Pretty sure you read that on the internet.

I wonder if there will be any ratio variants?
I wonder if there will be any store variants?
I wonder if a bear sh*ts in the woods?

I wonder which of the above 3 is the most likely?

10k store variants incoming…


I was reading on another site that this will be replacing Spider-Man and that has been cancelled. Has anyone confirmed that?

I think that while we laugh at Spider-Boy, this could be cool if they do right by this character.

For those of us specing on the character, let’s go Miles 2.0/Tosin 2.0. LOL!

This latest volume of spider-man (minus the amazing) i’m pretty sure was just supposed to be a short series and not a full on one like asm or the miles series

Just made a nice little profit off of some of the weakest spec in awhile…


Old slab label, did you get it slabbed a while back or recent pick up?