Spider-man 3: No Way Home Dec 2021

Yeah John Campea said the same this evening we should see it. Hes going to cinemacon so imma see what his live reactions are going to be. Hope something drops. Teaser at least.

It’s coming…

Spider-man No Way Home trailer


Damn!!..nice…I have the feeling this movie is packed with a lot of other goodies…


Welp, that looks awesome.



I just hope the whole identity crisis/build up to Dr Strange and his spell doesn’t get drawn out for too long… :crossed_fingers:

I’m hype as shit… my Birthday is Dec 17th. I couldnt be more excited for this movie.

I’m a little confused by the timescale. This seems to start straight after Far From Home, but Strange is geared up for winter. Not sure how they could skip forward given how integral this time period will be for Peter, but it’s not like this Spider-Man trilogy hasn’t botched timescales before.

That said, I’m incredibly hyped. I wonder who’s gathering this Sinister Six.

I feel like this comment doesn’t accurately sum up my excitement - I just genuinely don’t know how to articulate how spectacular, sensational, and amazing this looks.

Thinking this might be a Christmas movie, seeing the Sanctum snowy and considering the It’s A Wonderful Life-style shenanigans. The release date would support this, even though it was originally due in July.

Also wondering who the sixth member is, and if they’re the one assembling the other villains.

Seems beyond Keaton’s Vulture, but surely he’ll figure into this somehow.

Maybe Mysterio’s not dead, but that might cheapen FFH.

Given the One More Day-ish premise, dare I say it… could it be… Meph- Kindred?!?

lol I’d change my name to Harry if Kindred ends up being in this movie, lmao :rofl:

Def hype AF for this. Christmas will be here in no time.

As someone who really loved the second Spider-Man movie, I was hyped to see Molina back at the end there. Do I need a spoiler tag for a trailer? Can someone do that if needed on this?


So, Doc Ock, Lizard, Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, and Vulture against Holland, McGuire, and Garfield?

Good god. Just take my damn wallet now!


I think it’s just snowing in the Sanctom. Scene before showed no snow in the city.

Obviously Black Winter


Isn’t Strange geared up for winter because there is snow inside his mansion possibly from a gateway or spell when Parker gets there initially?

I hope they don’t try to stuff too many into one movie (and fail), it didn’t work too well for SM3.

That’s a nice trailer. I hope this introduces Miles Morales. I showed my youngest and he’s pumped. Depending on Covid, we might go and see it at the theaters.

I dont know who approved uploading cropped trailers in facebook. Horrible way to watch it that way

My insider source (who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job) informs me that Miles will make an appearance in this film.

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I have a feeling a cameo at best but still an appearance. BUT who is the actor if thats the case. Hmmm

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