Spider-Verse: Across the Universe Part One sneak peek

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Chinese advertising poster


I like that…

I heard Spider-man India is great !

Also, so is Spider-man 2099 !

Lets pump those books !!!


That poster is AWESOME

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Unfortunately one of the characters dress like that in the movie.

False advertising?!

OK, I’ll start! I’ll have fake sales for all those first appearances on ebay for three times the going rate…even though there are dozens of the same book in great shape for way less available at the same time!


Man…this movie looks GOOD !



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MCU Miles Morales is coming…


Better get your UF4’s now…while they’re still “cheap.”

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sold my raw copy last year for $1500

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Lowest eBay price (CGC 9.8) is $1875 BIN.

They were selling for $2000 back in April. I’m not sure what it peaked out at a few years ago.

3k was peak I believe

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yep sold mine for 3100

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I need to hurry and get an EOSV #2 for PC!


They have these cool head busts for you to put your popcorn. Kinda cool.


parents are not going to like the ending

Good movie. I liked it. Kinda all over the place but it made sense.

Just came back from seeing it. It’s no surprise this was a technical revolution. It pushed storytelling through animation to new heights. It was like ITSV was cranked up to 5x. It might feel trippy in some of the scenes especially when an explosion of color hits. It made me care more for Gwen this time. She is for me the emotional core of the movie with Miles sharing some with it.

Tbh, there was a lot to take in. There were scenes that felt like overlong to me or just dragged on a bit. I think those scenes made me feel like the movie was longer than it should have. Overall, they all made sense but the twists and turns didn’t make the movie feel like it ended in a resolution.

That group shot at the end was damn cool though.