Spoilers Death Metal Multiverse’s End

So this issue deals with why and how Perpetua was locked away betrayed by her children and imprisoned behind a wall on the edge of reality.

Perpetua was still pulling strings from her prison creating events that would ultimately free her.

Perpetua creates her own team of Batmen, the Rainbow Batman Corps led by the baby Batman that was in Death Metal Legends as a short story.

The story wraps up with the Green Lantern Corps defeating the Rainbow Batman Corps with the help of Owlman betraying the crime syndicate and cementing his place as the true dark Batman something Owlman is obsessed with throughout the issue. The Green Lantern corps escape as the Earth collapses.

I think I see a not so hidden Savage Dragon cameo in this issue.


Any 1st appearances…other than Savage Dragon?

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It’s the Rainbow Batman Corps first appearance, like last weeks Speed Metal with the Dark Flashes first appearance looks like a evil army is building

Did you guys notice this “the source” in this book? Looks and sounds awfully similar to the first appearance of the black winter’s hand. Along with the justice league/darkseid being mentioned in Thor #2, quite a few coincidences. Very interesting…

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That hand has been floating around the DC universe for decades. It’s Doctor Manhattan…

Earth X…that’s a marvel universe!

I call copywrite infringement!!

Or maybe it’s something bigger event-wise on the horizon they’re hinting towards…?