Spoilers: July 11, 2023

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Having trouble loading these…site traffic jumped?

Not posting the “Spoilers” on the main site? No “This week’s picks”? No “Coverprice.com Top Ten & Runner-Ups” last week. Somebody must be on vacation? Just missing some of my favorite weekly reads. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here, hope everything is alright, chu is a staple for weekly comic info

Dont think Ive seen you guys post before…

I’ve posted before, just not frequently. Regularly visit main site & forums.

I haven’t posted in over a year, I mainly just go to the website

They were posted…I had some issues initially…I assume because of bandwidth issues.

You can sign up for covrprice top 10/20 updates and get emails directly from them days before Anthony posts them (Tuesdays vs Thursdays).

That way their information is only 5 days old, instead of 7… :wink:

Sometime Covrprice doesn’t provide a list. So not always on @Anthony…but we can blame him anyway because it’s fun.

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Thread is meant to be incognito. Notice how Anthony titled it “July 11, 2o23” so as to throw the evil-doers off the scent. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Or maybe he’s just been reading too much W0rldtr33.

I need to do something like that with my titles. Make them Look cooler than boring titles…

They were all up there. Spoilers were on the main site, only posted them here after I posted them there.

Picks of the week were up as well

Covrprice was here:

and here:

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I am going to start using Tynion titles for all my posts:

Something is killing the picks of the week

C0vrpr!ce +0p +en


Can someone check those links for picks of the week and Covrprice and see if they are working

Work for me.

@Jchamorro. Question for you, do you access the site directly, or through social media posts, or via email blasts? That’s an important question to figure out why you are not seeing them.

I access the site on my Android phone via Google. Still cannot see any articles posted on the main site after 7/6/23. The last article I see is “New Ratio variants @Mycomicshop for 7/5/23”. Haven’t really had any issues before. No problem accessing Forums.

Same on my Android phone, nothing current on the main site.

Thanks for posting articles here!

Articles not showing up on main page for me.

Very odd, it’s showing all new posts as I’m logged in but as an anonymous browser, I’m seeing same thing, last article from July 6th. Looking further into this as nothing has changed or updated to cause this.