Spoilers: Venom #35

The spoiler here was originally spoiled in the topic itself until I edited with no warnings whatsoever.

I agree with this as well. It was in the lounge I believe - definitely not a spoiler thread.

I think a thread title indicating spoilers within is fair game for sure. :+1:

I agree, if you’re gonna do spoilers and don’t blur them out in the topic, at least put “Spoiler” in the title without revealing such spoiler in the title as well.

Maybe it’s time for a new forum policy/rule. :wink:

I appreciate the sentiment. I believe you that you shared it privately. Bill shared it publicly. You can both have your cake! I’m gonna get the scoop regardless of if I’m invited into a forum club.

There’s no invite, you gain trust to other parts of the forum where the rest of us play… :wink:

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You had it privately. Share with the public and you’ll get your credit!

how do we get access to that part of chu, thought lounge was secret place

I told him hes days late. We been knew about this.

It’s water under the bridge now tbh I was honestly just curious to hear if there was an official rule or rule change so that I am better prepared going forward.

Here’s the Last Ronin thread that I was referring to.

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That’s difference between us, we honestly don’t care if we’re the first or not… I’m just trying to tell you that it’s not “breaking news” for some of us… :wink:


You have to “earn trust”. I love internet cults so IM IN

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Thanks for linking to it. I will check it out.

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No doubt. Key word “some”.

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Not a cult, just have no life and hang out on the forums as much as possible and you end up being worthy! Muhahahahahahaha!!!


Donny Cates spec


Bills not in your club. So to him, and any of the comic fans all over the web/world who aren’t in your club, we’ll they had little to no idea. This book is gonna sky rocket. The fact it hasn’t yet says volumes about how in the know everyone really is. Outside the club of course.


Cates is done with Venom. Dylan will be Venom more in the future. Probably a lot more.

If you spoil it again without blurring I’m just gonna kick you…

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Genuine accident. Question: how does one blur? I’m a laymen.

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I’m so stuck in the notion this is a spoiler forum but it’s clearly not. Sorry guys

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