Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney+ show


I need a @drunkwooky here. First appearance?

Did she appear in any of the panels in the Dark Horse Attack of the Clones comics? Hopefully this isn’t another “Screen Comix” or children’s book first appearance…

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones #1 is what I have found is her first appearance

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And it seems to be a ghost online. Not many liked the movies so why bother with the comics. Likely low print runs

Ghost ? Books are in peoples pc’s.

And, this book has been spec’ed on since the start of the Star Wars buying frenzy last year. If you’re buying this book now, you’re kind of late to the party…

I just gotta ask you this…Why is it when you post replies to people it just seems like you’re being a condescending jerk?


With news of any potential character showing up on D+ there will always be new people searching for it. Still some OK prices online. If the rumor is true and she does show up there will probably be a pretty big spike in price for a little while anyway. It could still be a good flip if the price is right. The newsstands are what will be truly hard to fine.

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isnt this site as reliable as wegotthiscovered

Probably, which isn’t saying much but if one article is out there are usually more to follow. If a big enough buzz happens there will be a rush to get whatever is out there and prices will spike. Just part of the game. IF it does turn out to be true then there may still be time to get a future key/semi key at a good price.

I try to not add any emotion into people’s replies but rather just words on a screen. Sometimes what you might think is one way they’re replying, it’s the complete opposite. But that’s just my take and two cents.


Not trying to be a jerk. Not my intention. Im saying that every 1st SW appearance has been been spec’ed since last year. When The Mandalorian blew up, every spec group and websites started posting articles and people were buying all of the books.


She first appears in the background of three pages in Attack of the Clones Comic Adaptation #1 from Dark Horse (April 2002):

The trade paperback combining all four issues came out the same day depending on how you read cover dates and street dates.

She appeared in the background of one page in issue #3:

In none of the Attack of the Clones Adaptations did she have any dialogue and nor was she ever identified.

She appears (again no dialogue) and is identified in Republic #58 (9/17/2003)

She then appears in Republic #65 speaking, slashing, and generally being a part of the story (May 26, 2004):


Her first appearance in the new canon is Forces of Destiny Ahsoka and Padme (January 2018):


Weird, Key collector says free comic book day clone wars adventures is the first appearance


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Whats the book below?

The Skaar spec book which most here dont agree with? :joy:

I would listen to @drunkwooky he has a pretty good grasp on Star Wars :+1:


FCBD was in July in 2004. Republic 65 came out in June (May 26 street, and June 2004 cover date I believe).


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Nice, another multi-cameo then controversial which was 1st full appearance debate!!

Welcome to another addition of THUNDERDOME!!!


I’ve come to find that this is mostly the case for Star Wars characters who appeared in films first. You always end up with an adaptation that uses the character as window dressing first.

Then they’re minor support characters in comics. Then, they eventually get a featured story arc.

Oh Key Collector…You try so little and it shows.

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Always liked the character!

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