Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney+ show

Sweet, will be interesting to see her in live action. I can see her being a more extreme post Jedi version due to her beliefs like Saw Gererra. There will be an interesting dynamic between her and Ahsoka since they were very close before her betrayal.

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Nu-Canon is fake canon. George canon or bust :wink:

So, here on CHU, are we saying that the premiere Barriss Offee first appearance is Star Wars Republic #65? And Ahsoka/Padme is first ‘canon’?

I personally won’t buy FCBD comics (but that’s just me).

I just own this one cos of 1st app General Grevious, lol.

The FCBD seems to be the first app

Republic 65 came out June 2, 2004.

FCBD came out July 3, 2004.

Barriss appeared in 10 panels over 5 pages, has 4 dialogue balloons and is identified by both first and last names by Mace Windu in Republic 65.

Barriss appears in 28 panels over 13 pages, has 20 dialogue balloons and is identified by both first and last names in FCBD 2004.

I guess the question is, does the fact that there is, nominally, on paper, more Barriss in FCBD 2004 make it first full over 65 in spite of it coming out a month later? Seems like a judgment call, but Republic 65 is definitely first in time.


Sounds like Republic 65 to me.

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Lets see if your logic and knowledge sinks in and is on those who run other spec sites that will certainly discuss this very topic.

There are still cheap copies of “Attack of the Clones #1” out there. It may be a Cameo but a first is a first. Surprised people aren’t going nuts for this one…yet.

Give it time. Republic 65 was already a pricy book before this. Not going to find it in.boxes.

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True. First Commander Bly. Republic #65 is looking like it could be a pretty good book moving forward

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I’m just reporting facts. I have no horse in the race. I have AOTC 1-4, Republic full run, FCBD 2004, and Forces of Destiny all in multiples and I’m not selling right now. So, let the chips fall where they may.


Getting the props on ole Key Collector!


Yeah man!! @drunkwooky gonna be on Flipside before we know it. :rofl::rofl:

KC is nice when it works in your favor. Terrible when it doesnt.

I personally dont like the app because it makes amateurs think they are spec gods and takes away from doing your homework.


Agreed…anyone just now looking for this book, or thinking they will find it in back issue boxes was awful late to the party. Not saying there won’t be exceptions, but more often than not, I feel like 99% of the alerts or new items placed on that app are “the ship has sailed” type things.


100% agreed. I watched the pro spec 10 just a few min ago this morning. And soon as it goes from the video to Keycollector books start selling immediately. I’ll go to Mercari and “like” the spec books mentioned and within the hour of Key Collector alert I start getting “Sorry so n so book has sold” it never fails.

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Sweet! Glad credit is given where due.


I just use KC’s free features. Recently added and I go through certain titles to look for first appearances.


I’ve been looking for this book in bins for 9 months…never come across it.

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