Star Wars Celebration 2023


Panel schedule

Lots of drama taking place over the art show/exclusive art this year. Established artists of the past being left out, as well as one print being a rip off of another artist (Chris Trevas) who has been a mainstay of Celebration art for some time.

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Star Wars Celebration con exclusive variant

Hyperspace Stories Annual


I guess you can order it now:

Edition Size: 2000; 500 available through Dark Horse Direct. The rest to be sold at Celebration.

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That shipping, though.

Yeah, that shipping better be bulletproof.

Tread carefully… last time I bought a Dark Horse convention type exclusive, they were selling that same convention exclusive at the next years convention…


1 business day shipping is the only option? Cray cray.

Got mine today. Packaging wasn’t bad and was done with care. Not a fan of the modern board inside a silver bag, though.

Yeah, received mine yesterday. Packed very well.

Yeah, debating shipping mine off to get graded. The cost of the book plus the shipping they charged really cuts into any margins for anyone selling, though when you add in grading fees.

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If they are 9.8 candidates, it should be worth it. If Disney ever does anything with Jaxxon books like this one will be popular.

That little green rabbit is fun!

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