Star Wars Comic Spec MEGATHREAD

Since the High Republic is in a break and that thread soaled up most of the star wars topics I figured having a megathread may keep the convo going.

To start I wanted to toss out a spec idea that I’ve been trying to scoop up whenever I see a deal.

Darth Vader #1 2015 - Alex Ross cover - Boba riding a Mythosaur

This variant has a few things going for it

  1. Vader showing up in Kenobi
  2. Krrsantan first appearance
  3. Boba riding a Mythosaur on the cover. Bespin Bulletin has shared some rumors about Din riding a Mythosaur in season 3.
  4. Limited to 3k covers
  5. The cover is dope.

To me, there are a lot of reasons this could gain some steam in the next 9-12 months and not many reasons for it to drop in value.


Love this cover…always have.

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Yah it’s sick. Even if the mythosaur has a ridiculous face.

I don’t see him on the cover of the variant you posted so it can’t be his first cover if he’s not on it.

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Meant first app. My fault

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There is zero reason for me to spec on this currently or believe it will ever come to fruition, but I will always, always buy this book. Just a fantastic character with a great story that is steeped in Legend Star Wars lore.
The great cover by Bradstreet also helps.
Issue #25 as well and that one has the added bonus of Thrawn.


same energy


I’m also diggin these two 2nd prints from the 2020 Vader Run. First cameo and cover of Ochi of Bestoon in #6 and first full in #7.

Issue #7 is still at cover or slightly above at a lot of places. With Ochi playing a part in The Rise of Skywalker and Lucasflim clearly wanting to connect some dots to explain some of the elements of the sequels in other content, I would be surprised if he didn’t eventually show up in one of the shows.

Love him or hate him if he showed up in a mandoverse show I think those covers (and the A covers too) get the Darth Maul #2-3 treatment that we saw when Cad Bane came to live action.



#6, even though its one panel, is first full. And he is named. And its a full page.


I dont disagree. Im just going with what KCC says. Doesnt make it right. But it will impact demand.

Don’t though. Call them out. They’re not the final authority on what’s what…


Not saying they are the final authority. Im just speculating on potential future value. Regardless, if Ochi shows up in a show issue #7 will get a decent bump IMO. I do get what you guys are saying though.

With 1st appearance being misused and people having different opinions on what constitutes as a 1st appearance I don’t really want to argue about who’s right and who’s wrong. What people value is always going to be subjective. Even if KCC removes that from their database both will go up imo so I don’t think it really matters. 100% agree that issue #6 is the one to own though.

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Yeah, use KCC to sell books to the masses who are inflicted with a bad case of FOMO and such but we should also educate where needed if KCC’s info isn’t entirely accurate.

For me, using terms like cameo and such is just a spec marketing gimmick to sell the books you’re likely holding yourself. I stopped using such terms, it’s just first appearance, 2nd appearance… first cover and so on from me now… :slight_smile:


It’s ridiculous that you’re trying to alter the definition and the terminology of our hobby. This statement of yours clearly demonstrates that YOUR PERSPECTIVE differs tremendously from the comic hobby as a whole.

For the last, at least 50 years, comic collectors have referred to the initial appearance as a cameo if it doesn’t meet certain parameters.

This isn’t some spec ploy, it has been the customary approach in the comic hobby since before you were born.

Cameo vs. First Full SITUATIONS will always be debated, until the end of time. These debates should be fun and be about substance.

Why do you think a certain issue is a cameo vs. First Full?

It should not be trying to redefine the terms of our glorious hobby!

People should be able to post here and use the term cameo and first full without fear of the moderator shoving their personnel ideology down their throat.

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I didn’t say I was going to alter the definition. I clearly stated how I’m calling it myself going forward. Broken down, these are first appearance, second appearance and so on… I’m actually changing nothing. A first time cameo is still a “first appearance”.

You even quoted it…

No where does that say I’m trying to alter the hobby. Only that I’m going to call them as they are mostly for myself.

Really? So I’m not allowed to express my opinions as a community member? Give me a break…


Now, back on topic. You got a problem with my opinions, then PM or DM me. If your next post isn’t about Star Was spec, then keep it to yourself. First and only warning!

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I disagree. Wolverine has a full page named appearance in IH180 and it’s a cameo. If it was more than one page or panel I’d agree.

Couple of questions: this does involve a question regarding appearances

1-There are so many “key” books in the newer Star Wars prints, that I wonder if we are hoping that new Disney+ content drives future sales? I can’t possibly buy every book, and certainly not in quantities that would allow me to sell secondary. Are first appearances more key and the rest is probably just fodder?

2-Is there a specific thread dedicated to beating out the cameo/first appearance elsewhere? I would love to help direct people somewhere else

180 is the first full appearance. I said what I said!

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