Star Wars Day 2021

Happy Star Wars Day (tomorrow) and May the Fourth Be With You!
I thought I’d create a thread to share sales, deals, releases, reveals, and news today and tomorrow!

I’ll start:


Dude, you work so hard on all SW related stuff. It is much appreciated.


No problem. It’s not work when it’s something you love.


For you Star Wars and Simpsons fans.
Def gonna watch this.


This is an interview I did with Dark Horse writer and editor of Star Wars titles, Ryder Windham last week. It’s about an hour long.

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Tommorrow I will be glued to Disney + Star Wars programming shall play for the entire day.

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drunkwooky you are the best finding info man in all Star Wars related stuffs. much appreciated on all the hard work

No problem.

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Oof an Ahsoka premium format. Not going to be kind to my wallet.

I know. I want one too but that’s going to be steep…

‘‘Twas the night before May Fourth,

And all through the house,

I wasn’t sleeping, but did slumber my spouse.

The Google Alerts were set by keyword with care,

With hopes of new toys and comics I’d become aware.

With disappointment that no more reveals tonight might come to my bed,

I decided to close my eyes and turn my head.

Then suddenly I heard a Facebook notification noise,

Late into the night posted ole Hot Toys!

Until the Fourth every Wookie! G’night!


I was trying to post a video, but I couldn’t… I’ll just post the link of the Flag flying at my house.