Star Wars Hotel - Pricing Released

Even if I had the money blow I couldn’t justify this at all.


It’s just not going to happen for me. I’d rather send a kid to college.

I’ll take “Things rich folks can do that I never will” category for $5000…

I’ll watch people stream it like Galaxy’s Edge.


Anything involving a Disney vacation is going to cost you these days.

College? You can’t even send your kids to college for that much money… maybe they could sign up for a class and buy half the books for it at 5k :wink:

This is prime example I was proud when we asked the kids… “We can goto Disney or Hawaii, choose one!” and both my kids didn’t hesitate on Hawaii… and it saved me money!

If you have 10-15 years to put $5k in a 529, maybe. But then again, college tuition will be a bazillion dollars in 15 years.

We started and also looked into the 529 and then realized it’s not realistic for the most part. Kids are just gonna have to get scholarships and loans… and yes, tuition costs have skyrocketed and likely will continue to skyrocket.

This better be a real spaceship cruise for that kind of money.

Also why is it broken down to 2 adults, 2 adults and 1 kid, and 3 adults and 1 kid?

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The value of compounding interest in investments Poyo. My kid’s 2 1/2

Yeah, are you not allowed a second kid? I don’t get it.

Pffttt… I need to retire comfortably, my kids are on their own… I want them to earn their keep and self worth, not have everything handed to them… :wink:

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A bachelor’s degree is almost an essential credential in most industries now. You can get by without sure, but if you don’t have to get by without, why would you? It’s arguable whether that is an ideal state of affairs, but it is the state of affairs that exists.

College has become so prohibitively expense and essential, that it’s almost unthinkable to put that type of burden on a kid to do it themselves. Whatever you choose is fine, but I couldn’t imagine denying my child that option. If she wants to use the money on a house instead, fine. But the option will be there.

You know what’s funny? I have no degree (only some college) and make more money than most close friends and family make with actual degrees. I have 2 very close relatives that have their Doctorate and I think I make more than both combined…

The great thing about computer science is, experience goes a very very long way over degree and there’s a huge demand. We got more lawyers in this country when we need more tech people… no pun intended Mr Fancy Pants Lawyer.

I agree with you though, college is essential. I’ll help where I can but I really am striving for my kids to go for scholarships and such to help pave the way. And I take this stance cause anyone can hand someone money to go get a degree… if they can achieve scholarships and such, it makes the effort and degree a little more valuable I think in the long run.

I’ve known way too many people who had their parents pay for their college who seem to not appreciate it as much as those who sort of do it all on their own.


Scrap everything I just said… I actually make zero money since the family drains it all from me bank account… :wink:

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How much is a ride to real space now?

It’s cheaper probably to just become a pilot, join the airforce, then apply to NASA to get a ride and you get paid to go… :wink:

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BTW, unless I’m given the experience Of slicing Darth Maul in half, blowing up alderran or frying The Lars moisture farm im out.

Right. I think there’s legitimacy to all of that. I think there are examplars and failures of both schools of thought. Those who had it paid for and crushed it, and those who had it paid for and dropped out. Both exist within my wife’s own nuclear family actually. I also agree that there are a bunch of industries where you can make a ton of money without a degree. I have contemplated your school of thought, for sure. I also see it’s merit. It’s just not the route I’m going.

Also, my pants I am currently wearing have a hole forming in the crotch. They aren’t that fancy.

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