Star Wars Insider 201 Comic Shop Exclusive


thats just…terrible


Bansky wuz here

Looks like Jim Mahfood. I actually like it.

I’m just here reporting what I see. Having said that, I like it too.


That’s a cool cover. I’ll be ordering a copy. I grew up with taggers so it’s up in my ally (No pun intended) lol


I like it.

I like the tagging art as well. Love seeing boxcar tags as well… but that’s no banksy, his style is a little more sophisticated and usually has a meaning behind it politically… He’s awesome too. I cringe when he tags a wall and then the city just goes and paints over it cause it was (not approved)… they should remove the wall to sell, the money could pay for a new and better wall… :wink:


No! No trimming walls! That counts as major restoration and requires a purple tag!

Close to where I leave, there is a surfing Virgin Mary tagged on the wall. The city was going to paint over it but a lot of people protested and they kept it :grin::grin::grin:

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I saw it and immediately thought of Mafood’s style too. @Anthony and I are on the same wavelength.

Yup. We are.

Why is his badge(?) talking to him? Is it a comm link?

Not my cup of tea, but looks pretty cool

Books live

Any other places selling this? Would rather not order from Frankie’s if possible.

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Tfaw has them. I just preordered tonight from them.

People who have taken his artwork down to try and resell it don’t have much luck selling it or getting a lot of money. A gentleman brought in something of his into Antiques Roadshow and found out it was worth next to nothing. I read an article recently about it.