Star Wars Mandalorian Comic Series | Variants Thread

Hey everyone. I put together a checklist-type post for Mando covers to track every variant for every one of the 8 issues on DrunkWooky.
Here’s the post for future reference. Currently has every variant from issues 1-3.

If I’m missing anything just hit me up and I’ll get it added.


I guess I’ll lock my thread now as it is O.B.E. wan Kenobi.

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Or merge…

Nah. Mine was issue 1 exclusives. This thread covers all covers all issues. So I just locked mine so it can fade away.

Sorry about that. I created this post right before a meeting so rushed and didn’t look if others were already up

The first exclusive for Mando 2 was announced a few days back. Held off sharing much because the shop, Ludicrous Speed Collectibles, was having issues with the checkout pages on their site.

No idea if they’re fixed yet but I do dig the art. Just glad it’s not more Mando standing in front of the sun/suns.

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Variants for issue #2


the 1:50 CHEUNG isnt to bad i guess, better than issue 1 1:50

Yeah its nice. I still like the Cover A art the best.

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Here’s Mayhew’s #2



I like A Plus the concept art variant. Might be tough to find in 9.8 with marvel paper quality.

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New Lashley Exclusive variant for Devil Dog comics. Not don’t their site yet.

The graphics both say “Vigin” but you guys can tell the difference. I can assure you that Mando is not a virgin.

Two more for Mando #2. Shalvey is still my personal favorite for #2. I do like the colors on the Larroca cover though. Not nearly as faded as others we’ve seen.

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Look what I found


These appearances are all in the first issue?

Seems unlikely.

I have the UK trade paperback and trying to figure out where one issue ends and one begins.

I have a feeling the armorer might be a big 1st as it’s likely not the first issue.

2nd issue maybe?

Yeah 1st issue. It’s all the 1st episodd

those are pictures from the actual comic. They came in a early a lot of places yesterday.

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So Grogu is in #1. I guess no need to load up on #2?

He’s on the last page. Just like in the first episode. Some will call it a cameo. Others who don’t like the full vs cameo distinction will call it his first appearance.

Personally im getting a decent amount of both. I don’t anticipate anything skyrocketing in value or even going up at all initially but overtime demand will catch up with supply IMO since Grogu and Mando are probably the two most popular new star wars characters since Ahsoka.

Just one dude’s opinion though.