Mandalorian #1 Store Exclusives List

Here’s what I was able to put together. If anyone knows of another store selling these, or an exclusive not mentioned feel free to edit.

Alex Maleev (Trade & Virgin)
Golden Apple
Unknown Comic Books
Frankie’s Comics
7ate9 Comics

Mike Mayhew (Trade & Virgin)
KRS Comics
East Side Comics
Comic Mint
Mutant Beaver
7ate9 Comics
Sad Lemon

Stephanie Hans (Trade & Virgin)
KRS Comics
East Side Comics
Comic Mint
Mutant Beaver
7ate9 Comics
Sad Lemon

Jan Duursems (Trade & Virgin)

Ken Lashley (Trade & Virgin)
Stadium Comics

Dan Panosian (Trade & Virgin)
Pharcyde Comics

Tyler Kirkham (Trade & Virgin)
Unknown Comic Books

David Baldeon Variant (Trade only)
Rates Comics

Inhyuk Lee (Trade & Virgin)
Slab City Comics

Luke Ross (Trade only)
Neighborhood Comics

Sara Pichelli (Trade & Virgin)
Spectral Comics

Steve Cummings (Trade & Virgin)
Modern Era Comics

John McCrea (Virgin & Trade)
Ludicrous Speed Collectibles

Zircher (TBD)
Altered Reality Comics


The Inhyuk exclusive is being sold by Slab City

Needs pics

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I just want the original post to be a list, but if others want to add pics as comments, that’s fine.

I honestly thought there was many more.

Still time, though.

will be alot more, still like 3 weeks till foc. and covers will drop all the way to release day, than you can start a list for issue 2

FOC is next Monday…

Rated Comics - David Baldeon variant

Interesting…no virgin variant AND charging $10 more per trade dress than typical.

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But the on sale date is in July. Something is up…did they push the on sale date back, but not FOC? Thought FOC was 5 weeks out typically. Guess they’re planning on printing A LOT of copies…need an extra week…

The time between FOC and On sale dates have been getting longer and longer…

Probably due to paper shortage…?

Hell, Crimson Reign #5 should have been on FOC weeks ago.

The incentives will be plentiful

Most definitely, but I’m going to get one of each anyways (at the right price). Will be staying away from the store exclusives (even though I do like some of them).

Probably saving the virgin for a convention variant. Remember convention season is right around the corner, I’m sure this will also have numerous convention variants. SDCC is 7/21 this book comes out two weeks prior.

Sara Pichelli, Spectral Comics

@Im_super_into_that for the wooky site


Thanks! I’ll add tonight

So far there are 35,000 additional copies being produced (at least) due solely to store variants we’re aware of. That is on top of the normal orders available to all Diamond account holders.


1,000,000 copy Print Run is my guess.


What would stand out is if an open order cover or exclusive has the Armorer. Her first cover on her first traditional comic book appearance. She has a sub-following in the community. She has really spoken to female fans.

My guess is that these will all be Mando and Grogu like WOBH Alpha was all Boba Fett though.

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Probably issue #3 until you see that.