Star Wars The Acolyte Specs

Keeve Trennis or someone related?

Whats the last novel of the High Republic era ? Is it The Fallen Star ? Was there any new characters in it ?

I didn’t notice any particular stand out new characters although there were a couple of new characters that didn’t seem to amount to much. Fallen Star is the last proper novel of this phase, but there may be a young adult novel left to come.

Phase 1 - Light of the Jedi - Which we are coming to the end of.
Phase 2 - Quest of the Jedi - Starts this October and is set 150 years before Phase 1.
Phase 3 - Trials of the Jedi - No start date - I would guess it’s going to be set a few years after the end of Phase 1?

I really wanted to see what happens next, so to go backwards now is fustrating but It should build things up nicely when we finally do get there.(Maybe after the Acolyte has been on TV?)

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“ I’m about 100 years before The Phantom Menace . So, a lot of those characters haven’t even been born yet.”

Headland in Vanity Fair.

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What does this mean, Wookie!

In Legends, Darth Plagueis was born around 150 BBY.

Plagueis is a part of canon, but not all of his story.

Could be some maneuvering of him and his master Tenebrous in the back corridors of galactic politics and economy.

In Vanity Fair, Headland says she is interested in how the Jedi got to the place in Phantom Menace where they couldn’t detect the Sith.

A lot of people have been saying Acolyte will be “right before” Episode I, but this seems a lot longer beforehand than previously expected. Phase I of the High Republic takes place 232 BBY, so other than Yoda and characters with his sort of longevity, not many HR characters we know will be around. Neither will many Episode I characters, again other than Yoda and Jabba and the like.

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