Star Wars: The Bad Batch spec

With the announcement of the new show on Disney+, can anyone confirm the 1st appearance of the bad batch (or Clone Force 99) in comics? My research online shows Star Wars #19 and/or #21 from the 2015 series. I noticed a bunch of the 1:100
Variants started selling yesterday.


It is my understanding they haven’t appeared in comics, but if they have I’d be interested as well.

From what I can tell online, SW 21 is a new squad of stormtroopers, not clone troopers.

Yeah, when they phrase it off as:

Today, Disney+ ordered its next animated series from Lucasfilm, Star Wars: The Bad Batch . Fresh off of the critically-acclaimed series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars , the Disney+ original series will premiere on the streaming service in 2021.

Keyword in that paragraph is… “original”… makes it sound like it’s all original content for the show, not derived from existing material, etc.

Anything I’ve read/researched really doesn’t tie them to any previous comic book. Lucas had the idea…didn’t ultimately use them…so Filoni ran with it.

19/21 Storm Troopers are Task Force 99, not Clone Force 99.

From Wookiepedia which isn’t always perfect.

Task Force 99 was named after Clone Force 99 also known as the Bad Batch. Both squads were comprised of members, of which each had a specialization, making them distinct to others in their particular corps.[[11]]

They were in several episodes of the Clone Wars show.

Yes, sorry, meant “original material” as in other shows or books, not based from the existing Clone Wars animated series…

I actually just sent off my copies of Clone Wars #1 or I would check myself.

Was Echo in Clone Wars #1 (2008)? I know Rex was (I noticed that good ole Key collector listed Rex as the leader of Bad Batch but that really isn’t accurate at all).

We’ve never seen the other Bad Batch characters in comics/etc…but Echo’s first could be a good one to have? I would assume he is in a comic at some point as he was a pretty consistent key player. If it is Clone Wars #1…its already crazy hot…but makes it even nicer.

I don’t believe Echo has been in a book yet but wouldn’t shock me if he was in that original Clone Wars run.

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So at best, we can probably say they’re the inspiration for this batch of troopers.

Where’s the CHU resident SW expert on this? @drunkwooky could put this to bed, me thinks.

Actually just the opposite. The stormtroopers in SW 19/21 were named numerically after the Clone Troopers Bad Batch but there’s no correlation between them. It’s different time periods.

The Clone troopers/Bad Batch were with the Republic (good guys to non SW fans) in the Clone Wars (prequel movie timeline). After Order 66 there were no more Clone Troopers.

SW 19/21 is during the original trilogy timeline and stormtroopers Task Force 99 were with the Separatists/Sith (bad guys time non SW fans).

I think it’s just people thinking they are the same as they see the number 99. Idk. I do see what you refer to and a half dozen of SW19 and SW21 did sell yesterday. I’m guessing it’s bad spec unless there’s more I don’t know. But the two groups are decades apart time wise.

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I haven’t heard anything about this potential spec until now. I haven’t read the issues in question either so I am in the dark. Most of the SW #19 1:100 sold were from Mycomicshop. Very good chance it is from the same buyer. If that is the case the person knows something most don’t or is taking a gamble hoping for a big payoff. There is sooo much spec going on if this is an animated project it might be best not to go heavy. The better spec is always on live action movies and then TV. An animated project isn’t bad at all but the payoff usually isn’t as good as a staring role on the big screen. In SW 19 and 21 is there any other significant first appearances?

See above. It is likely someone mixing up Clone Force 99 (Bad Batch) with Task Force 99 and posted the bad spec somewhere.

And while yes typically movie spec is better then tv spec, with Star Wars it doesn’t really matter. Look at what Disney + rumors did for Ahsoka, Dr Aphra, Boba Fett, etc… With no movies on the horizon and the enormous success of The Mandalorian, SW Disney + is driving books.


Sounds like @Comp82 is the new resident CHU SW guy. Great break down, comp82. It’s a good time to know your SW lore.

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Ha I appreciate that. I try but it’s a tangled mess most of the time. Harder to figure out then Black Winter. You start dealing with holograms, flashbacks, canon Vs non canon, cloaked figures, etc…it’s a mess.

I’ve been collecting all Star Wars first appearances for several months now and more then once I’ve picked up what I thought was a first app only to figure out its earlier. Dark Horse appearances are much harder to track then DC/Marvel.

I very much appreciate guys like Topher who do the hard leg work going through the books. I believe he untangled the Darth Revan mess (which involves background appearances, cloaked appearances Etc…) and after he figured that appearance out KOTOR 9 shot up to a $60-80 book from cover and has stayed pretty strong.

Yeah, Disney + is a bit of a game changers for TV spec. The production quality of the Mandalorian was through the roof. I think most people speculating on Star Wars coming to D+ in any format, live action or animation is expecting the same quality no matter which property…and rightfully so. I loaded up on Doctor Aphra expecting D+ to deliver if they ever use her. Looks like they wil at some point and I’m sure they won’t drop the ball on quality.

Yeah I picked up an Aphra too. Didn’t load up as it was already climbing by the time I did.

I’d expect D+ quality to stay high with SW but we will see.

Look at the recent movie characters…Most of their firsts are cover price. But then you’ve got Aphra, Revan, Nihilous, etc in the $50+ range and Ahsoka in the hundreds.

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I really wish I bought more of Ahsoka. Her prices were already up to many tens of dollars for her first. I found a nice cover A of her first for $30 left it at that. Not going to whine too much just hope Dr. Aphra heats up close to that if/when she shows up on D+. Could be a fun show.

Hope it is ok to keep going with the Star Wars stuff even if not associated to Bad Batch.

I still think that Heir to the Empire #1 is grossly undervalued. Admiral Thrawn is already Canon, a fan favorite, cool character, and will continue to be utilized by Disney.

The other thing about Heir to the Empire #1 is that it also contains Mara Jade’s 1st. Her history may not be incorporated into future films, but you never know. She is also quite popular among Star Wars fans. I frequently see cosplayers dressed up as her. Along those lines, you can also get her Dark Horse mini-series on the cheap as well.

Heir to the Empire has risen steadily, but it is still quite inexpensive relatively speaking.

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