Star Wars The Vintage Collection Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and The Child

This is back in stock if you act quickly you can still get on.

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Bought two to get free shipping. Last time I had a figure delivered to the store it was smashed.

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This is available for pre-order again if you missed out on the first time.

Anyone else have their order cancelled.

Looks like half of mine was.

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Yes. I just got an email. Two out of 5 that I had ordered got cancelled so far. I hope that I get at least one. I think I am going to run into Walmart today before I head to work to see if they have them in stock. Seems like Walmart will delay or cancel you order and then they stock them in their stores. Bunch of BS, Ugh…

Maybe I’ll do the same. Report back!

Nothing yet!image

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I frankly won’t risk ordering through Walmart anyway. I’ll take my chances with in stock items.

  1. More often than not, items arrived damaged.
  2. More often than not, online orders are either severely delayed or cancelled outright.
  3. I’ve experienced situations in which their systems will continuously and daily bill my card for an item that has not shipped. Yes, the pending charges will ultimately drop off, but not immediately. I had daily pending charges created by Walmart for 3 SW figures to the tune of $45 bucks for 21 days straight. Their customer service is absolutely horrible and getting them to handle the issue was a nightmare.

Just like Target and the Joe exclusives…to hell with them and their SW stuff.

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I preordered 20. My orders shipped today. None were cancelled.

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Yeah, nothing for me too. I will keep an eye out this week. I read that some people got emails today that they shipped their figures out.

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Dude same experiences as you once again! I cancelled all my VC Din/Child sets after I had to return all my Carbonized VC Mandos due to damage. Never again will I waste my time with Walmart.

Also, got the older kiddo some random VC figs for Xmas and he hated them all. “Dad these are cheesy and they won’t even stand up”. Returned them all for a bunch of black series.

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Honestly, a very large reason that I moved towards “comic collecting” was due to the complete breakdown in mainstream toy distribution.
I’ve collected toys of some sort for as long as I can recall. A close family friend of my mother’s was a key engineer for Kenner in the 70’s and I was able to order directly through him as a kiddo. Loved toys of all genres. I still have a massive vintage collection & add pieces from time to time. I really enjoyed the newer Star Wars lines and over the last 20 years simply started ordering cases as a way of beating the broken distribution system. With the dawn of these exclusives and online bot systems…the frustration simply isn’t worth it. My money now goes to comics or specific vintage items that I have a focussed collection of. Hasbro is inept imo.

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![quote=“WelshWizard, post:1, topic:2748”]. Also[quote=“monopolyjackson, post:9, topic:2179, full:true”]
I preordered 20. My orders shipped today. None were cancelled.

From Walmart?

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That sounds about right. I’ve had great luck with BBTS (although if you’re trying to flip I wouldn’t recommend paying the premium). But even their standard ones come in 10x better condition than Walmart. I feel like the extra cost is justifiable if you’re going to hold them a long time. Have you tried them?

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Did you order the day they went on sale? Article seems to point out first orders were
First cancelled. Or apparently the trend.

@nonlinear Yes…and I’ve always had great service and luck with them. Their pile of loot is the best.
I used EE back during the initial vintage collection waves but was glad I switched.

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No. I ordered during the second round. The day I posted the link for you all… :wink:

The other thing with Walmart is that in some cases, they are cutting their own throat/profits. I pre-ordered the GI Joe Hiss tank & AWE striker back in July or so. In the fall…sure enough, orders cancelled. So I said screw em.
Now those are both rotting on the shelves here. I’ll just watch and buy them on massive clearance here soon as Walmart inventory is approaching.

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Same link as above? So there’s some truth to Walmart cancelling the orders they’ve been holding people’s cash the longest. Earning intrest on it all that time.

Quite the racket they got going on…