Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Pre-Orders

Not War of the Bounty Hunters but a cool sounding Fett story:


Also, Doctor Aphra 10 is a prelude to War of the Bounty Hunters.

From the solicitation "And what sets them on a collision course with one of the most deadly BOUNTY HUNTERS in the galaxy? "

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #10

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Thanks gents. Much appreciated :+1:

I think these two others.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Alpha Director Cut #1 (

Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (Yu Variant) (

And This one.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #12 (

My head is spinning!

The Director Cut #1 is awesome.

Here’s a spot of speculation:

First a tiny spot of speculation. Admittedly, speculation is slim as we haven’t been given much in terms of details about this event to go on.

Charles Soule in last week’s press release made it clear that everybody in the galaxy would be after Boba Fett and Solo:

Jabba the Hutt wants Han because he owes him money. Valance wants to help Han because he owes him. Aphra doesn’t care about Han but does care about money. And many more folks, from Black Sun to the Pykes … Han’s tangled with just about everyone in his day.

Speculation on Aphra and Valance has somewhat left the stable. It’s widely known that Aphra’s first appearance is Darth Vader #3 (2015) and Beilert Valance’s first appearance is Star Wars #16 (1977).

Soule mentions Black Sun and the Pykes, however. A fan favorite villain from the 90s Dark Horse era was the Falleen crime lord of Black Sun, named Prince Xizor. His first appearance in comics is in Shadows of the Empire #1 (May 1996). Shadows of the Empire was a multimedia event that crossed comics, books, video games, and toys. It was set during the period between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and also centers on the battle over Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Soule mentioned that he gets to play with “all the toys” and maybe he’s referring to some long-dormant characters. That may include Xizor and even some other Shadows characters like Dash Rendar whose first cover appearance is Shadows of the Empire #1 with a full appearance in #2. There are also other minor characters like Wrenga Jixton first appearing in issue #2.

Many of the major Pykes died during the Clone Wars at the hands of the likes of Count Dooku, including: Lom Pyke (First Appearance in Canon Darth Maul #2 (2017), First Appearance in Legends Darth Maul Death Sentence #1 (2012)). However, Marg Krim and the Pyke Majordomo Fife, appear to be alive in canon continuity. I haven’t found any Marg Krim appearances yet, but Fife first appears in Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #2(June 2014), an already somewhat spendy book, but still within reach:

Apart from that, keep your eyes out for other criminal elements brought up in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Crimson Dawn and even perhaps some Corellian and Kessel criminal elements may pop up.


Nice work @drunkwooky as always.

So was reading solicitations for these new books as I’ve pretty much pre-ordered them all… Wanted to point out some firsts (and some we already knew about but I’ll point them out anyways). Not sure if they’ll pan out but still, ya never know right?

Doctor Aphra #10 (also the Sway Crimson Variant) claims VUKORAH and the UNBROKEN CLAN make an appearance in this issue to kick things off.

Vukorah made her first appearance in Star Wars Bounty Hunters #3 which is still pretty cheap. Unbroken Clan made their first appearance in Bounty Hunters #1.

In Star Wars Bounty Hunters #12, Valance (Star Wars #16 1977) and his reluctant partner Dengar go to intercept Boba Fett’s precious cargo. I’m still scowering the back issues but so far, I think his first appearance in comics comes in Star Wars #10 2015. Wookiepedia claims he was in Darth Vader #1 from 2015 but I saw no sign of him there. If he was in any of the 1977 original first volume, someone please point me to the issue if you know off hand.

None of the other solictations for all the preludes to War of the Bounty Hunters gave any names so we’ll have to wait and see for any other surprises but ever since Mandalorian and Boba Fett making his way back, I think we’ll be seeing a whole lot more Bounty Hunters.


Oh… I spotted him in Darth Vader #1 (2015) for Dengar.


Only pane and shows his backside. So yeah, he’s in there but I’d say Star Wars #10 is a better appearance…


Marvel comics super special 16 is Dengar’s first appearance (cameo at least).

Also Bossk, 4-Lom, and IG-88, but strangely not Zuckuss which was Shadows of the Empire 2 then 4.


Star Wars (1977) (#50):

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Nice… I figured he would be in the first volume. Just hadnt gotten around to pulling up the issues to skim.

Yeah he’s all over it. Cover of 42, in 67, 68, 69, and 108.

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