Star Wars Weekly First Appearances and Keys

This is where I’ll keep the weekly first appearance and key issue analysis posts. Enjoy!

Bounty Hunters #17 is first up and I want to point out a variant before we go any further. The Christopher Sprouse variants for the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary have been consistently awesome, but some of them stand out beyond the rest. Sometimes, it’s just because they feature fan favorite characters with dedicated niche collectors. Thrawn collectors, like Boba Fett collectors, can’t get enough Thrawn and he makes an appearance with another fan favorite, the Grand Inquisitor, alongside his Star Destroyer The Chimaera , on the Sprouse variant to Bounty Hunters #17. It’s sold out at TFAW and going fast everywhere else. I could be wrong, but I think this cover will be a $50.00 cover a few years from now. If you doubt that, check out Rod Reis’ Galactic Icons Thrawn cover.

We have a new Imperial officer, Lieutenant Haydenn. Imperial Officers tend to come and go as Star Destroyers get destroyed, but she’s stationed aboard the Executor , which we know survives at least into Return of the Jedi. She’s also a cyborg, which might play into Beilert Valance’s storyline as he joins the Empire. More on that in a second.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Unbroken Clan, General Vukorah, is offered something mysterious by Qi’ra that she can’t refuse. She joins Crimson Dawn. General Vukorah first appeared in Bounty Hunters #3. I guess we’ll find out what’s in the box during Crimson Reign!

For what it’s worth, this is the first time Imperial Jumptroopers appear in canon comic books. They previously appeared in Dark Horse Comics’ Rebellion #1:

When we last left Valance, Boba Fett had betrayed him (shocker) and blasted his chest with a detonator. He’s in bad shape and his vital systems are shutting down as he fights his way through the Executor. In the end, Zuckuss, T’onga, and crew attempt to extract Valance from the Empire’s clutches. They fail as his arm tears from his body against the pull of Vader’s Force powers:

In the end, Vader, who knows quite a bit about being more machine than man, refurbishes Valance and presses him into servitude of the Empire once again!

This sets up what we’ve seen on the Acuna variant to Bounty Hunters 18, where Valance is wearing an Inferno Squad insignia!

With Star Wars #18, there is another great Sprouse cover with another set of fan favorites: The Ghost and crew, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Zeb, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and Chopper! Like the Bounty Hunters 18 Sprouse variant, this one could heat up.

Beyond that, this issue is a little bit of a reprieve and breather after War of the Bounty Hunters. We get Qi’ra explaining her machinations. She reveals how she leaked info of the auction for Solo to Holdo, how she allowed the Falcon to dock with the Executor , and all the other ways in which she helped the Rebels along the way. Never at the expense of her own plans, though. Then she leaves the door open for future cooperation between the Rebels and Crimson Dawn. Intriguing!


After three weeks off from the website to welcome our newest little Wooky girl to the family, I’m back!


How’s that Sprouse variant to Bounty Hunters #17 doing? I need an update on my $50 guaranteed profit margin.


Some reason sales $11-19. Kind of all over the map for now. Headed in the right direction, though.


I ordered some more of those bake off issues…Only got 3, but after your write up, gotta get some more! They are still in stock at Diamond as well.


Nice! It might pay off.

What issue?

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures - Galactic Bake-Off Spectacular

There’s only 1 issue (Thank god).

The whole premise sounds ridiculous… which is why I think they might be sneaking important spec in there. Maybe that’s just me tho.

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is star wars insider 208, the first covers for bo-katan?

I think so, I haven’t found any others after going through all of Star Wars Insider since 2012, Rebels Magazine (Europe), and Clone Wars Comics (Europe).

Careful, though. You’ll incur the wrath of “Exposing Comic Corruption” if you ignore Screen Comix:


Love the call. It’s one of those random books people pass and will scramble to get down the road.

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It says comics on the cover!!! How can it not be a comic???


Correction: “comix.”

i added a few of the px with bo-katan and an extra omega cover to my midtown order. some of those insiders sell for alot still. the 199 high republic cover is like 150-200

Yeah. I’ve been waiting for another 199 hit ever since.

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Do back covers count?

That’s Pre Vizsla at any rate:

Ah, good catch.