Strange Academy 1

So I follow this book real close. Lot’s of interesting activity in the last week or so.

Opena and Ramos variants selling left and right.

CGC Cover A 9.8 First prints starting to fetch around $300+.

Raw Second prints selling for $10+.

I think this comic is about to breakout. What are your thoughts?


Just posted exact same thoughts in the other forum.

I still feel the Skottie Young store variant 3k print run in 9.8 are undervalued. (Under $125)
Yes I do own some but I really like that cover also.
BUT I am rooting for all of them.


I view it a lot like stock trading. If I don’t see news, watch out for the pump and dump.


I would agree if things shot up out of no where, but this book has been gaining value in a very slow and steady way.

The gain in value for the raw second prints and raw issue #2 Cover A’s is a canary in the coal mine as well.


Maybe. I just sit and hold. For me, if it goes up $30/down $30 … no worries. At some point Disney will do something with it.


Last July during FOMO for this book highest sale $310 then pulled back and buyers/fan of the book seemed to create a support/buying area around $150ish until slowly up ticking to where it is today.

Also everyone was Momoko chasing but now Cover A as @agentpoyo usually recommends showing strength with no news and no fomo hype the uptrend looking ‘ok’ for now. IMHO

On the other side of the spectrum is the book didn’t do a “Black Winter” Thor 5 9.8 price collapse (until he comes back… :laughing:) anyone buying this one?

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I’m a bit bummed about the sudden surge in price the last week. About a week and a half ago I found a store with an online site that still had the Opena variant at a fair price. Bought the copy and was stoked. Fast forward a few days and I got the email saying that their online inventory was wrong and they apologize but they didn’t have the comic. And the next day it was back on their site at 2x the price.


That sucks man. That’s a nice cover by Opena.

Yeah. I’d be fine and understand if it was just a mistake and they sold it, or couldn’t find it, etc. But to say you don’t have it then immediately put it back up for more money is a bad look.


I got my copy graded and sold it before XMas for $200.

Well at least you didn’t drive to a LCS and spend hours through long boxes find the book at cover go up to the counter and the owner says “Let me look up the Ebay value on this one” and readjust price. :frowning_face:


I remember when the Campbell variant and virgin got super hot. I bidded on it numerous times and almost pulled the trigger on a few, but never did. I’m kinda glad I didn’t, It slid in price and seems to have been overtaken by other variants.

Call ‘em out. That is BS tactics.


That’s when you walk over and grab another book which you know the value plummeted and make a low ball offer and say “that’s the eBay price.”

Or you say F$&@ YOU!” Walk out and never shop there again.


That would actually help them more. Their site/store is VERY poorly made and optimized. I only even found it because someone told me they had some Strange Academy in stock on Facebook. So sharing their name and/or link here would give them more visibility than they’ve likely ever had for their site.

There was a store about an hour away from me that does that. I walked in the store and just about every comic was adjusted for ebay prices. He had a stack on his counter that he was going through and changing the prices. I grabbed two ASM comics that I was looking for that were priced at $4 that I was looking for and ran out. Never going there again.

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I don’t think it’s a problem if the comics are adjusted for eBay prices when you walk in, it’s when they don’t honor the price they had on it because it’s now higher.


Yeah, I think everyone says that’s okay if you maintain your pricing on your back inventory. What’s at issue is, @Brendon found a book already priced, couple days later they claim it was not in stock, that’s when they likely went and looked up the going prices on eBay and canceled so they can change the price to the new going price. That’s frowned upon, they should have honored the listed price… that’s on them to maintain their inventory pricing on back issues.

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Even if they said “Sorry it’s going for more now we have to re-price it” it’s still crummy but they’re honest. Lying and saying it’s not available and was already sold and then immediately re-listing it for a higher price just means they can’t be trusted.

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