Suicide Squad 2 Trailer

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Starro spec ended up being true

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Haven’t been a fan of most DC Movies, but James Gunn makes magic happen. Looks great…

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Pessimistically Optimistic with this one…looks like a solid blend of humor and action. Have not been a big fan of DC Movies, but this one does look entertaining…or they just hired the best Trailer Creator ever…

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I cannot wait for this!

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This looks fun. I could really go for a big, dumb blockbuster summer pic right now. I hope this trailer isn’t misleading like the first Squad trailer was.

Wow. Very positive stuff. He should do all their movies. Or at least have a hand in them.

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The light hearted DC movies have done the best. Look at Shazam. No one talks bad about that movie. it was fun.

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Very true. I think there’s less attachment to the characters, so less expectations and more pleasant surprise. That could be a good formula for future DC movies. Even with darker, more serious stuff. Build up an audience around lesser known characters.

So far it seems like it mixes some horrific scenes, King Shark eating people, and the funny, King Shark, raising his hand and pointing to it saying hand.

FYI it has been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone is King Shark. The Suicide Squad King Shark Actor Confirmed as Sylvester Stallone

I am wondering if King Shark will become a fan fav, the way Groot did. If so, make sure you have those copies of Superboy 0 (first cameo) and Superboy #9 (first full) ready to go.

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Huh, I thought Steven Agee was supposed to be king shark

Nope, at least voice is Stallone.

Unadulterated James Gunn. I don’t want Gunn to be turned into a formula. Only Gunn should do Gunn.

Trying to get a list of characters together. Has Camilla been confirmed as anyone, possibly the mime?

I checked, he did the mocap work for King Shark.


Now, if Gunn could work Jarro into this story…

Ars has a decent picture / description of the characters.

Looks alright. Only selling point for me is the R rating.

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How do we feel about peacemaker? Cena has this sort of stupid loveable vibe about him / and An HBO series. And HBO is usually top drawer
Y’all loving his modern books as a possible breakout?

Love me some Margot Robbie and Harley :heart_eyes: