Super Bowl Predictions/commercial Thread

Never bet against Mahomes.

I hope you mean you could have made $850…not that you bet $850…

Didn’t bet against him. Super Bowl squares, I had 9 for Chiefs and 2,3,9 for Niners. It was 9 and 9 at the end of the 4th but the game went into overtime, so then it becomes games final score.

Ah. I haven’t participated in one of those in like 20 years.

Baseball fund raiser for my son’s team.

That was a fun game in that it wasn’t a dull blowout. Usher was great as well. I liked a chunk of ads too. Not bad at all.

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The best Super Bowl halftime show ever was Prince, though. That was amazing.


I have to say last years killed this years, Eminem, Snoop, and more.

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I love the people that say this was a huge conspiracy theory that involved the democratic party and the NFL for the chiefs to win so Taylor could endorse biden for the election, you know how many people are in the democratic party and NFL and youre telling me out of all those people every single one was quiet and in on this conspiracy? The NFL cant keep their players quiet about CTE yet somehow managed to be completely quiet about this massive conspiracy lol

And let’s just go ahead and end this right here so this doesn’t turn into some political cesspool… back on I suppose commercials from Superbowl since predictions are kind of moot now!

So the Superbowl happened? That’s a shame, that means I missed Puppy Bowl… that’s where the real excitement happens!

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My general impression on the commercials is that advertisers have either run out of ideas and/or are trying to hard.
I used to chuckle/laugh in the past at many commercials during SuperBowls.
Now, it’s like bring in the biggest names one can, put them in some dopey situation and do/say dopey things; and expect the viewer to find it funny.
Very similar to a certain M

and a C

and a U


I’m not going to actually research this, but it felt like 95% of the ads featured at least one celebrity/actor. Not that celebs are new to SB ads, but this felt like more than usual.


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Rob Liefeld was confused about the washing of the feet AI commercial. He wanted to know why they drew feet.


That was actually two years ago. Last year was Rihanna and it was terrible. I’m not a fan of hers though. The year before that with all the rappers and Mary J Blige was fantastic though. Usher’s performance was pretty fun, however!

Oh yes, pregnant Rhianna.

Yeah, with all the floating platforms. It was boring.

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