Superman 25 New Villain

This may be one to watch out for this week. All the hype has been on Batman new characters but we did see heat on Liar Liar our of Wonder Woman as well. Superman 25 introduces a new villain called Synmar. He is basically the best of his alien race and is coming to earth to destroy everything Superman has worked for. He is basically an anti-Superman. We mentioned this on the main site a while ago but it is still available for pre-order. Synmar appears on the B cover as well as on the 1:25 ratio.

I was wondering what that 1:25 cover character was. That’s the one to spec on, if you can find it for ratio or less.

Midtown has all books in stock. 1:25 for $52 which is crazy given it’s a Superman villain debut. All I can think of is it’s very short ordered.

Wait… I’ve heard this synopsis before… where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, in every alien related Superman comic book ever… :wink:

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Isn’t he on the A? The B is Superman punching a car.

I recall us discussing this & put it on my preorders at the time. Worth a grab. Thx for update!

BTW, I’ve found some sites that now sell many of the Batman 1:25s below ratio. Not issue 92, but the others. So I’ll wait for that on this issue.

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Got the 1:25 on lock. bendis sucks tho so not expecting much.

Could be a quick flip as many Superman books that heat up have been.

This was mentioned before and on the usual suspects Jim/Econ/ComicTom etc. Dont knownmuch about Superman flips (like the wonder woman liar issue) so zi shied away.

We mentioned it when it first was in the DC connect back on June 28th on the main site.. I do not bother watching any of the youtube guys.

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Grabbed one copy, have another waiting for me (I should, at least.) I actually might just grab the Bendis run on Superman in trade format. Looks fun!

I’ve been a lurker on this board for a while and never got around to making an account. The thing that pushed me to sign up was to warn you against getting the Bendis Superman trade. It’s trash. Slow moving, dialogue heavy, uninspiring, boring trash.

The artwork from Romita Jr in the latest issues have been awful too.


So Aliens vs Alien, yay.

Welcome aboard and yes, I’ve been on trash Bendis bandwagon for a while. He’s definitely an overrated writer.

I also just avoid Romita Jr. books where he does the interiors. I just can’t get into his art…

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I’ve just started to skim read it now. Luckily I’m good friends with my LCS and the owner lets me do this because I buy a fair amount or other comics from him.

It’s a shame because Rebirth Superman and Action Comics were great (AC more so) but since Bendis came on board it’s just been a slog to read with characters I have no care for. Also, he writes Lois and Supes like they’re teenagers.

Since 5G got canned all this build up means nothing now. Even the Leviathan crossover that no-one asked for and Checkmate are likely to go nowhere now.

Batman under Tynion has been exciting (for better or worse) since the change of writers. I live in hope DC bring Jurgans and Tomasi back to these books.

Sorry for the rant.

I saw Jurgens at a con shortly after he lost the book, and he was pisssssed. I can only imagine Tomasi must have been as well. Giving Bendis both Supes books was harsh on the existing teams.

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I bet Bendis gets a bigger paycheck too…