Superman Identity Reveal

So what’s everyone’s real take on Superman revealing his identity in the upcoming Superman #18?

Think it’s cool? Think it’s just a headline grab and marketing gimmick to boost sales to the crowds that don’t read books regularly or often?

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the matter?

Now if it draws in more readers that creates more repeat customers, we all win I think.

I already knew Superman’s secret identity. :wink:


DC likes money (who doesn’t). More of a cash grab IMO than anything else. I think those who want to read Superman regularly already are.The Hughes cover to #17 is pretty cool though and still selling for 3 or 4 times cover. That’s good for anyone who got them for cover.

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Not impressed. Between this and alfreds death I think dc is hankering for another reboot…

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Yeah, at least they go 50+ issues though before they reboot… Marvel seems to reboot around the 20-30 issue mark… I’m surprised some of the titles have now almost reached or surpassed the 30 issue mark…

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