Superman Returns? Henry Cavill rumored to reprise his role

Giant Freakin Robot as well as other media outlets are reporting that Cavill will return to his role as Supermen in the DCU.

If true does this mean DC is looking for more cohesion with the DCU or just more one and done films. A fight between Superman and Black Adam on screen would be epic! Could it happen?!

Here is the link to Giant Freakin Robot and others:
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I already mentioned this in another thread…yesterday.

Missed it. Was reading comic/comic con news and came across the article.

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I would still like to hear readers opinions on whether or not having Cavil coming back as Supermen means WB is taking their movie franchises more seriously and leading up to more of what Marvel has been doing. The whole “big bad forces hero and anti-hero alike to work together” type of event that takes years to play out…or will it be the same old DC formula of mostly one and done stories that don’t connect or have a minimal connection to the other DC films.

He got tired of this faceless superman cameo getting more screen time than him

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I would like to see Superman and Shazam teaming up to take down Black Adam…


They have in the past! A fight before they inevitably team up would be great! Of course Darkseid would probably be the big “Thanos” threat I would really like to see brainiac done right for a phase spanning bad guy.


I like Cavill so I hope this is true. Would like to see where he can take the character now.


I hope Zack Snyder shows up also

I like Cavill as Superman. This is good for DC movies going forward.


Cavill was a fine Superman, so I’m fine with him coming back or it being someone else. We shall see!

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Give me Cavill as Supes and Zimmer’s theme music and I’ll watch whatever it is.

I think he’s damned perfect in that role. He also seems like the type of fellow I’d love to sit and have a brew with.

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For me only Reeves has done a better Supermen than Cavil. The two were/are pretty perfect for the role.

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I already mentioned he was coming back 2 years ago :joy:

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I remember! It doesn’t surprise me that he is.I just hope he is demanding better movie- universe structure if he does. Funny I just picked up a nice higher-grade copy of Strange tales 118 not long ago!

So, no appearance at the WB/DC panel…

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reactions when Cavil shows up at the marvel studios one as Captain Britain :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: