Tai Pham coming to DC continuity

I wrote up Tai Pham on the last Weekend Specs I wrote a year ago,

It looks like he will be coming to DC Comics as a main stay

His first appearance is a 144 page children’s book called Green Lantern Legacy find the softcover it’s the first printing the hard cover is a later printing. Tai also made a small appearance in Green Lantern 80th anniversary special. Also a new character Monkey Prince will be debuting in DC Festival Of Heroes The Asian Superhero Celebration #1, such a horrible title Jim Lee you could do better.


I love your write up. Any idea what Tai’s first app is in actual comics?

I believe green lantern 80th anniversary #1 he makes a small appearance.

This is the only appearance I see in GL 80th Anniversary Special. A pin-up…

I wonder if the soft cover will count as a first comic book appearance? It is a comic in a TPB format, so might be the one to have if he sticks.

Teen Lantern also appears and her first is Young Justice #1. It’s first full and cover (the latter on some variants only). The preview suggests her gauntlet is super powerful.

Finally, Jo Mullein from Far Sector is pulled into the main DC universe. Her first and cover is Far Sector #1.

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If it can be slabbed and reads like a comic book, he’ll yeah.

Look at some of the mini TPB for clone wars…like first Bokataan.

Well that’s handy because I have a couple of copies! Thanks Alana!

What is so special about Tai Pham?

Young Asian Lantern introduced in a children’s book. Has a shot on being in the coming HBO show or other media. Diversity and youth all the rage in comics these days.

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So I found two of these for $8 each after you posted this and sold the 1st one for $30 just now. I’ll probably try to secure a few more cheap copies.


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