Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush #1 1st Batman the Silenced

1st appearance of Batman the silenced…

Let me know when It’s on sale for pre-order and where…

Tales of the Dark Multiverse see I was saying we will probably see a Dark Dynamic duo of Robin King and Robgoblin for at least a one shot Dark Multiverse Batman 66 style. There will be more Dark Multiverse one shots.

I picked up a bunch of extra copies of the Dark Multiverse books that came out when a store was closing. I paid $1 each for them. Figured they could, maybe, turn into something.

Sounds interesting gonna keep an eye on these. Preorder is a must discount and wont have to chase down copies at the store.

This sounds like something I would want to read.

The Dark Multiverse books were stellar reads.

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Basically What If books.

What If was a great series. Some gems in those original sets.

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Yes it was. Some great stuff, some real bad stuff.

I grabbed all the original dark multiverse books and will probably grab these too.

Future value aside, the Dark Multiverse books have all been pretty great standalone reads so I definitely plan on picking the future ones up.

I ended up getting a bunch of extra ones from a local store closing.

They were all quite entertaining.