Tales of the Jedi

This box contained a Lucasfilm gift for employees (a Crowley record player). On the exterior packaging you can see few Lucasfilm logos we’re familiar with for upcoming projects and one we haven’t seen before.

Tales of the Jedi!

People are speculating on what that is. My bet is that it’s Taika Waititi’s upcoming project and that it deals with the earliest history of the Jedi.

Personally, I’m speculating on Tales of the Jedi and Dawn of the Jedi from Dark Horse.

You can check out keys from those runs over here at WookyWiki.com.


I’m so pumped for Willow but sad to see Warwick Davis looks like he’s in a lot of pain just walking around these days.

What a random way for something to leak!

They are pretty intentional with these employee gifts. My brother-in-law’s high school friend works on CG effects for Marvel and Lucasfilm in Southeast Asia. Every year for Christmas I get something from the Lucasfilm gift shop or an employee gift from him by way of my BIL.

They don’t unintentionally design these things. A print shop was sent those specific logos to print and once they are in the hands of Lucasfilm employees at least a handful end up on eBay. The execs know this. It’s an intentional leak.


how is star wars 49 doing these day ?

Amazing scoop, as always. What’s your fav book to own TOJ 1, 3 or something else?

Someone is wiping eBay clean of issue 3…

What I don’t understand is why. It’s not Nomi Sunriders 1st as some listings claim.

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It’s kinda a preview book so I see why toj #3 is selling

The first was actually a preview of this comic.

I would say both TOJ 1 and 3.

Nomi Sunrider’s first was Dark Horse Comics 7 (2/1993). Not so much a preview as a anthology serialization of the story from Tales of the Jedi 3 and 4. Tales of the Jedi 3 came out 12/1993, so a really significant delay between the two appearances.

My favorites are:

Dark Horse Comics 7, 8, and 9 (as discussed above).

Tales of the Jedi 1:
First Appearance:

Arca Jeth,
Tott Doneeta,
Cay Qel-Droma,
Ulic Qel-Droma.


Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 1 (sealed polybag) 9/1994:


Came with Dark Lords of the Sith Ashcan with first appearance of Exar Kun, a Sith Lord from the old republic and large element of old canon.

I also really love Dark Lords of the Sith because it shows Exar Kun building the Great Temple on Yavin IV that the Rebels operated out of during A New Hope.

Sith War 1:
First Appearance:

Mandalore the Indomnitable (capitalizing on the Mando craze going through fandom currently)

Sith War 6:

First Appearance:

Mandalore the Ultimate (capitalizing on the Mando craze going through fandom currently)



Yup. Probably typo.


If it’s not a preview Robocop must be a canon appearance as a droid in Star Wars Tales Of The Jedi.

Not sure I’ve ever seen the rule that IP need to be bound separately or else they don’t count as part of the canon. Sounds suspect, though.

For anybody doubting whether Dark Horse Comics should count as a preview or full story, here’s how the story appears in Dark Horse Comics 7:


Previews / Reprints

Dark Horse Insider #15-20 (previews Tales of the Jedi #1)

Dark Horse Comics #7-9 (previews Tales of the Jedi #3)

Dark Lords of the Sith Special Advance Comics Edition (in Advance Comics #70, previews DLS #1)

Dark Lords of the Sith Ashcan Edition (in Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1, previews DLS #1)

Star Wars #7-10 (U.K. magazine, reprints Tales of the Jedi #1)

TOTJ: Knights of the Old Republic TPB (reprints Tales of the Jedi #1-5)

TOTJ: The Freedon Nadd Uprising TPB (reprints Freedon Nadd Uprising #1-2)

TOTJ: Dark Lords of the Sith TPB (reprints Dark Lords of the Sith #1-6)

TOTJ: The Sith War TPB (reprints The Sith War #1-6)

TOTJ: The Golden Age of the Sith TPB (reprints TheGolden Age of the Sith #0-5)

TOTJ: The Fall of the Sith Empire TPB (reprints The Fall of the Sith Empire #1-5)

TOTJ: Redemption TPB (reprints Redemption #1-5)

30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1: The Freedon Nadd Uprising HC (reprints The Freedon Nadd Uprising #1-2

Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Volume 1 (reprints The Golden Age of the Sith #0-5, The Fall of the Sith Empire #1-5, Tales of the Jedi #1-5 and The Freedon Nadd Uprising #1-2

Imagine If Spider-Man 2099 appeared on the cover of ASM 365….people would drop the SM2099 #1 first appearance argument like a bag of dirt.

If Dark Horse Comics 7 is a preview of Tales of the Jedi 3, then Saga 1 is just a preview for the trade paperback.

It seems like a difference without distinction.

This page is pretty telling to me. It says the tale will be told in three parts in Dark Horse Comics. It doesn’t say “Will later be fully told in such and such series”


My bad. Agree, it is not a preview.

For those interested, Tales of the Jedi 1 and 2 were printed in Dark Horse Insider 15-18 before being reprinted on their own.

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