Target Exclusive Droids figures

9am Sep 25th on

Target Exclusive 6” Boba Fett (Droids)

Target Exclusive TVC Star Wars Droids Boba Fett, R2-D2 and C-3PO - preorder sept. 24 9am ET - $15.99 each l

Black Series 6inch

Vintage Collection 3.75inch

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YESSSSS! I heard about these in the rumor mill, but assumed Boba Fett was TVC as well! So glad he’s Black Series! I’ll be there!

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Are they doing Thall Joban and Jann Tosh too?

@Anthony Not as of yet

I predict Fett will be sold out in under 30 seconds (both versions).

Target is the DEVIL when it comes to these exclusives.

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No, they don’t already have the molds to repaint for those…

Yeah, I’ll gun for the BS Boba Fett, but I’m not setting my expectations high for outcomes.

Yeah I’m hoping I can get the black series Fett I’ll try for the others. Glad I work till 6am then take the kids to school so I’ll be up checking after midnight. last couple exclusives dropped earlier than posted.

My sister in law works for Target but even she has a hell of a time getting any of this stuff for me. She said that the folks that handle toys at her store have side deals going on. I get that it is how the world works but makes collecting toys irritating.


That’s just wrong on so many levels…


My cousin is a toy dealer at cons. He has an 80 mile radius locked up for targets and Walmart’s.


I love the Boba Fett Droids figures but know I have 0% chance of getting them.

They are all up for preorder at this moment. I was able to purchase/preorder, but with Target that still isn’t remotely a guarantee you will ever get them.

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I got all but the small 3-3/4 boba fett. Sold out. Will try again later.

Was able to get all 4.

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@Gbess did you order right at 9am?

I thought they went on sale 9am tomorrow based on the first line…did not see sept 24th below it.


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You and your issues with dates and times… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply. Had a busy day at work.

My wife was the one who ordered them for me. She set her alarm at 5:50am and logged in. She said that they went live at exactly 6:00am PT and by 6:10am the 3.75" Boba Fett was sold out. She was able to get 2 sets. One for me and one for my youngest. She then called me and gave me the good news lol. I love my wife :grin:

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