Task Force Z

I know that I’m a sucker for Red Hood, but I really enjoyed this title. Great action, mystery, and humor abound in this title. I haven’t read much Rosenberg but what I have read has been great.

I like the idea of having an additional Task Force out there, and having to control near-mindless zombies is an extra added fun, danger, and coolness factor.

I’m going to post a couple spoilers, they will be blurred and I ask that if you reference the spoilers I post that you please also blur your response.

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, Sundowner made his/her first appearance (last page team shot) in Tec 1043. This time around I I think we get her first full. I say " I think" and “her” first full because we meet a woman named Hanna Hobart who is in theTask Force Z compound. She states that she doesn’t the term “Monster” and a disembodied voice mentions that she “will be fine as long we keep the lights on” Sounds like if she is in the dark (Sundown?) She transforms.

There is also a doctor named Doctor Shelley, she is seen on the ratio cover for this title. I believe, but cannot confirm, that she may infact be Resurrection Man reincarnated. If you don’t know about Resurrection Man his name is Mitch Shelley and he has the power to never truly die. Every time he does die he is reincarnated, and when he is reincarnated he loses the previous super power that he had and it is replaced with a new one. Sometimes during reincarnated he also has a physical transformation and HAS been reincarnated as a woman. There is also a disembodied voice that they call Crispin. No idea who that is. Must be the mysterious benefactor that the solicit mentions.