Teen Titans Endless Winter Special Cheap

Here is one for you. If you missed the Teen Titans Endless Winter Special which is one of the hot books of the week and is moving copies at multiple times cover price, here is a place to get them cheap off eBay. Seller is moving them at $6.99 with free shipping. He also offers discounts on multiple copies.

These are all listed as cover a. The more desirable cover.

Please note I am not affiliated with the seller and am not secretly colliding with them and linking before they go public.

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I have three cover a, three cover b coming at cover price. I already sold one for $19

Well those 10 plus copies sold quick.

Wow. I missed the boat again

They had 14 copies sell quickly. He didn’t limit copies. So a person or two snatched them up when I posted.

More then likely.

I found same deal on cover B; maybe same seller. Still cheap for eBay with no shipping cost- just bought it- I think it came to $7.48.

Here is the link for the the Teen Titans Endless Winter Special B Cover

Back in stock at Midtown: https://www.midtowncomics.com/product/1965325

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I was finally able to secure a couple copies. Thank you.

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