Teen Titans Spec - Main Guy vs Team

Hello Team

Reaching out today to inquire if you had a choice between

Teen Titan #44 CGC 9.8 (1st Nightwing)($500)
DC PRESENT #26 CGC 9.6 (1st Teen Titans, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire)($500)

When making a decision, please consider price and growth when making a decision. If anyone has access to GPA, can you please let help me out by letting me know their GPA.

Which of the two would you guys go for it, or simply a pass. Personally I’m leaning toward scarcity so DC #26, then again its Nightwing vs bunch of 2nd tier talent (LOL).

Thank you

Teen Titan #44 CGC 9.8
90Day $463
12month $330
2020AVG $247
All time high sale $650

DC Presents #26 CGC 9.6
90Day $492
12month $352
2020AVG $260
All time high sale $670

GPA numbers look very similar to each other.

Sorry I have no opinion on which book is better long term
guess depends which one would you rather own.

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Thank you for your help! If you had $500 to spend on a DC book, which book would you spend it on?

With that budget I would look to find a clean raw copy with budget including grading fees of Batman Beyond 1 (1999) and hope to get at least a 9.6 grade.

Big fan base of the cartoon and if Michael Keaton plays old Batman would be cool.
All IMHO not investment advice.

But I also like Booster Gold 1 :grinning:


I’d favor the TT #44; I think Nightwing has been undervalued for a loooong time and it’s a 9.8 instead of a 9.6. Cyborg’s been in a movie (not counting Teen Titans Go) and that didn’t move the needle on his first appearance. Clearly, I am Bat-biased but Nightwing’s ties to Bat-lore help. Someday, something will make him more popular.

But my money would be looking at Batman Beyond as well, or Jessica Cruz/Simon Baz Lantern stuff. Maybe low to mid-grade John Stewart.

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At $500 I would get a first teen Titans from brave and the bold

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The reason why nightwing isn’t as high is because it’s not the characters first app. It’s a costume change. So while both are very good books, I’d lean the Titans.

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I would take the DC Presents over the Teen Titans.

However I would not be a buyer at that price.

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Just a follow up to your GPA data, Does GPA show variant (i.e. Whitman, Newstand kind of data)? Or it’s just treats Newsstand/Whitman same as direct?

For Teen Titans 44 they have data on Canadian Price Variant and Mark Jewelers Insert
DC Comics Presents they have data on UK Price Variant

Sorry they don’t show Whitman and Newsstand data separately

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Thank you for your help. Was hoping to see GPA does a breakdown on NEWSSTAND VS the rest.

Agreed it would be nice.

But if you are looking at small batch of books best get the newsstand sales data by hand to give you better view price difference between direct and newsstand demand.

If I had to pick between the two I would lean towards DCCP 26.

I would also consider I higher grade copy of Mister Miracle 1, The Demon 1, or Omega Men 3. Both amazing Jack Kirby covers and under valued keys, imo. Don’t sleep on Mister Miracle 4 & 6 either.

So much for DC Present 26 vs TT 44, Now I’m look at this:

At $500:

  1. Detective 523 CGC 9.6 White (1st Cameo Croc)
  2. Green Lantern 29 CGC 8.5 White (1st Black Hand - Silver age 12 cent)

If you feel this is over priced, please let me know.

Buying a certified grade comic is usually paying top price for top quality in hope of higher price in the future. I prefer mile high dealer approach of buying collections wholesale. Raw comics can be graded later.